Chamomile tea is one of history’s oldest herbal remedies for stress and stomachaches. Funnily enough, CBD is also well-known for helping customers with these complaints. Since Tribe CBD oil and chamomile tea share so many supposed benefits, we thought it’d be fitting to add the two together!

The next time you’re looking for a non-alcoholic after-dinner treat, be sure to brew a cup of this CBD chamomile tea recipe. The combination of these delicious ingredients is sure to help you de-stress before heading to bed.

CBD Chamomile Tea Recipe

A Crazy Cozy Non-Alcoholic Nightcap — Brew A Cup Of Tribe’s CBD Chamomile Tea

Although most chamomile tea brands are associated with Germany, you could find this daisy sprouting up all over the world. Chamomiles are even abundant in frigid countries throughout Eastern Europe. In fact, Russia chose chamomile to be its national flower.

According to most etymologists, the word “chamomile” traces its “roots” back to Ancient Greece. Could you guess what this term means? If you guessed “apple of the earth,” then you’re one smart cookie (or you’re just a tech-savvy cheater!).

Like hemp extract, there’s not a ton of scientific studies on chamomile’s medicinal properties. Most of the “evidence” on chamomile’s benefits is purely anecdotal. However, there are a few long-term, placebo-controlled studies in the works for chamomile extract. So, within a few years, we might have more rigorous data to confirm what herbalists have believed for centuries.


  • One chamomile tea sachet
  • One spoonful of raw honey
  • One dropperful Tribe CBD oil


  • Boil a pot of water on the stovetop
  • Pour about eight oz of hot water into a tea mug with the chamomile sachet
  • Stir in a spoonful of raw honey and Tribe CBD oil
  • Let steep for at least five minutes before enjoying

Besides anxiety relief, many people assume chamomile has a beneficial effect on the gut. If you’ve ever had an upset tummy, chances are your momma may have advised you to brew a warm glass of chamomile tea.

Interestingly, CBD oil may also have a beneficial impact on digestive health. In fact, a few studies recently suggested CBD has natural anti-nausea properties.

However, it’s important to note that CBD isn’t responsible for the “munchies” some people report when taking marijuana. Lab tests confirm the cannabinoid THC is responsible for this appetite-increasing side effect. All of the hemp products in Tribe CBD only have ≤ 0.3 percent THC.

Instead of stimulating insatiable hunger, hemp extract seems to prep your palate for a big meal. There are even a few people who use Tribe CBD oil to manage IBS symptoms. Supposedly, CBD’s natural anti-anxiety properties could help soothe a stressed-out stomach.

Of course, the scientific research into CBD and chamomile for digestion is still in its early phases. Hopefully, as more people seriously examine these compounds, we’ll better understand how to use them for a wide range of conditions.

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