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Cold Therapy CBD Cream

Find quick relief with this award winning broad spectrum hemp CBD infused, arctic cold cooling rub with ingredients to help soothe and relieve your muscles and joints.

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What is Hemp CBD Cream?

Hemp CBD cream is a topical infused with CBD. Topicals can range from lotions, salves, creams, and other beauty products. Topical use of CBD can be very effective as it allows for targeted application and is absorbed through the skin rapidly.

Why Choose a CBD Cream or Lotion?

With a cream you can apply CBD to a focused area. And since absorption is quicker than other consumption methods, you can begin to feel benefits sooner.

How Should I Use CBD Topicals Creams?

The Tribe CBD oil’s serving size is 1ml. Our dropper is conveniently labeled with .25ml, .50ml, .75ml, and 1ml markers so you can ensure you know the exact dose of CBD you are administering.

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

Using a CBD topical is as easy as applying lotion. Generously apply the cream on your skin focusing on the desired area. Fully rub the cream in massaging the sore region. Many people apply CBD cream to their key joints like wrists, fingers and to high stress carrying areas such as the neck and shoulders. CBD cream can be reapplied as often as needed. It is best to store CBD cream in a cool, dry place.