Who wouldn’t love to sing Mele Kalikimaka in O’ahu this Christmas season? Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, it might be impossible for you to surf in Waikiki this year. But don’t worry; Tribe CBD has an easy way to sample the South Seas during stay-at-home orders: make our CBD Blue Hawaii!

Not to be confused with the corny Elvis flick, the Blue Hawaii has everything you’d expect from a Polynesian Tiki drink. Plus, with a pinch of Tribe’s citrus-flavored CBD oil, you’ll feel extra relaxed on your sunny staycation.

Right out of the gate, we have to separate the “Blue Hawaii” from the “Blue Hawaiian.” Yes, we know these names are confusingly similar, but they are distinct cocktails. If you get a bartender who knows Tiki drinks, you will get a very different drink depending on which name you use.

A critical difference between these two drinks is the Blue Hawaiian has coconut, but the Blue Hawaii does not. To get technical, the Blue Hawaiian has a touch of the sweet “cream of coconut.” Even though a Blue Hawaiian looks similar to a Blue Hawaii, it tastes way more like a piña colada.

If you’d like to learn more about what “cream of coconut” is, please be sure to read through our previous CBD piña colada recipe.

A Heavenly Brew From Honolulu – CBD Blue Hawaii

CBD Blue Hawaii Recipe


  • ¾ oz vodka
  • ¾ oz light rum
  • ¾ oz blue curaçao
  • 3 oz pineapple juice
  • ¾ oz sweet & sour mix
  • 1 dropperful Tribe CBD oil (citrus)
  • Pineapple wedge for garnish


  • Pour vodka, rum, blue curaçao, pineapple juice, and sweet & sour mix in a cocktail shaker
  • Add ice and shake for a few seconds
  • Strain into a hurricane glass that’s filled with shaved ice
  • Garnish with Tribe CBD oil and a pineapple wedge

No, sweet & sour mix is not the same thing you dunk chicken tenders into! In the cocktail world, this term refers to a pre-mixed blend of lemon, lime, and simple syrup.

While you could buy a sweet & sour mix in any liquor store, it’s super simple to make at home. All you need to do is boil a 1:1 mix of sugar and water on medium heat until it comes to a boil. Be sure all of the sugar has dissolved before turning off the heat.

Once your sugar mixture is cooled, mix it with equal parts lemon and lime juice and store it in a glass bottle. Typically, sweet & sour will last for at least one week when stored in a cool, dark area.

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