If you were getting your groove on in the 1980s, you might have been exposed to a bright green delicacy known as the Midori Sour. This dazzling disco-era drink gained celebrity status soon after the cast of Saturday Night Fever gave it a taste in NYC. While this drink may be a bit dated nowadays, it’s still a delicious treat for anyone who loves tart and sweet flavors.

To add some extra groove to this funky drink, we thought it’d be fitting to plop a few drops of our citrus-flavored CBD oil. While CBD might not give you John Travolta’s disco moves, it certainly adds some “cool” to this fab cocktail.

A Lean & Green Disco Machine

In the world of liqueurs, Midori is a relatively recent innovation. Indeed, it wasn’t until the 1960s that Japanese manufacturers first created this emerald green concoction. While this melon-flavored drink was already a hit in Japan, it took “disco mania” to make Midori a household name in the States. Incredibly, due to the high demand for Midori in the late 20th century, Midori decided to add manufacturing hubs in both Europe and North America.

Due to Midori’s extremely sweet profile, most people don’t drink this liqueur on its own. Indeed, almost every recipe that includes Midori has a touch of tart to balance this liqueur’s sugary flavor. If you’re going to experiment with this liqueur, you should add at least a little lemon to cut the sweetness.

FYI: some people claim the Midori made in Japan is less sweet than the formula produced in other nations (particularly France). So, it might be worth your while checking where your Midori was made before making a purchase.

CBD Midori Sour Recipe


  • 1 ½ oz Midori
  • 1 ½ oz sweet & sour mix
  • 1 dropperful Tribe CBD oil (citrus)
  • Club soda
  • One lemon wheel


  • Add Midori and sweet & sour mix to an ice-filled rocks or highball glass
  • Top with Club soda and Tribe CBD oil
  • Garnish with a lemon wheel

As you could see, our CBD Midori Sour recipe only calls for the essentials. Indeed, it’s best to think of these guidelines as a “template” upon which you could experiment with other ingredients.

Over the years, many people have put their spin on this neon green cocktail. For instance, some extra-boozy recipes call for an additional ounce of Cointreau or vodka. You may also see a few Midori Sour pics with a pretty cherry garnish or orange rather than a lemon.

Plus, since most cocktails in the “sour family” call for an egg white, some bartenders like to add this traditional ingredient to create a frothy head. However, if you’re going to use an egg white, you must whip it very well in a cocktail shaker before straining it into a glass.

If you want more info on using egg whites in cocktails, be sure to check out this previous post on the CBD Ramos Gin Fizz. Also, please remember that consuming raw eggs carries the potential of salmonella poisoning.

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