If you’re not into zoology, then you’ve probably never heard about a springbok—unless you’ve been to South Africa. Currently, the springbok is both the official animal of South Africa and its rugby team’s mascot. As if that wasn’t enough, South Africans also named their famous “Springbokkie shot” after this adorable antelope.

With its distinctive green and gold colors, the Springbokkie resembles South Africa’s rugby uniforms—hence, it’s a popular choice before sporting events. However, you don’t have to enjoy rugby to relax with this creamy drink. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to top your Springbokkie with Tribe’s high-quality CBD oil!

A Sporty South African Treat

Considering the Springbokkie is a South African standard, it’s no shock this drink calls for a local liqueur: Amarula. The unique thing about this creamy liqueur is that it contains traces of the African marula fruit (hence the drink’s name). People who have Amarula for the first time claim it tastes sweet and citrusy with strong notes of caramel.

Although there’s no true substitute for Amarula, you could use another cream liqueur if Amarula isn’t available. Typically, Irish Cream is the easiest alternative to find in the USA. However, you could also experiment with brands like Cruzan Rum Cream or Dooley’s.

Whatever cream liqueur you choose to use, it’s essential to pour it carefully over the back of your bar spoon. This is the only way to achieve this drink’s distinctive green and brown colors.

A Sporty South African Treat – Enjoy Tribe’s CBD Springbokkie

CBD Springbokkie Recipe


  • ~10 ml crème de menthe
  • ~10 ml Amarula
  • ½ dropperful Tribe CBD oil (natural)


  • Pour crème de menthe half-way up a shot glass
  • Carefully pour Amarula over the back of a bar spoon into your glass
  • Top with Tribe CBD oil

As with so many other sports-related beverages, there are plenty of silly traditions surrounding the Springbokkie. For instance, many people put their fingers on their head and try to drink their Springbokkie like a springbok. Yes, this means you have to drink this shot without using your hands!

If you are going to play these wild games at home, please be sure you have plenty of napkins nearby.

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