Veganism has made some serious strides in the past few years. In fact, recent Gallup Poll data suggests at least five percent of Americans eat a vegetarian diet. Although it’s unclear how many people identify as vegan, most surveys claim at least 1 – 2 percent of Americans have converted to this plant-based diet.

While that may not seem like a lot, it’s a significant improvement from years past. Plus, now that most restaurants have vegan-friendly options, it’s more likely people will “go green” (at least partially!).

So, how does veganism relate to CBD oil? Well, considering hemp is a “plant,” it makes sense to include this superfood in a plant-based lifestyle! Although hemp flowers may not be a staple in vegan cuisine, this plant may have surprising benefits for those who take on a vegan lifestyle.

Why Should Vegans Try Tribe CBD? A Few Notable Considerations

Hemp-extracted CBD oil ticks all of the boxes for a “vegan-friendly” supplement. But it’s not just that vegans could take CBD that makes it such a unique product. There are many ways CBD could help people smoothly transition to a vegan lifestyle.

Most significantly, CBD has natural anti-anxiety properties. Changing your entire diet could be highly stressful, especially if family and friends aren’t going vegan. Since CBD shows excellent potential as a stress reliever, it could keep you level-headed as you adapt to veganism.

Another benefit many vegans report when using CBD oil is its anti-inflammatory properties. These effects may reduce any symptoms like achy joints or headaches, both of which are common as you transition to a full vegan lifestyle.

Pro Tip: Consider Hemp Seeds For Extra Protein

It’s not just CBD that could help vegans on their wellness journey. While CBD is the most prominent compound in hemp flowers, please remember our ancestors have been eating hemp seeds for centuries.

Hemp seeds and hemp seed extract don’t contain cannabinoids, but they have some mighty impressive nutrients. Most significantly for vegans, hemp seeds are one of the top sources of plant protein.

Get this: There are about 9.5 g of protein in every three tablespoons of hemp seeds!

In addition to protein, hemp seeds have loads of omega-3s, fiber, and iron. Vegans could also pick up a few crucial B vitamins by adding hemp seeds to their diet.

Another nice feature about hemp seeds is that they’re exceptionally versatile. Sure, you could use hemp seeds as a fancy garnish, but they’re also great in smoothies or DIY edibles. You could even blend a container of hemp seed milk at home!

Please remember that hemp seeds are not the same as the hemp-extracted CBD on Tribe CBD’s website. However, if you want to experience the benefits of CBD and hemp seeds, we’d recommend mixing these ingredients in DIY recipes.

The Moment Of Truth: Is Tribe CBD Oil Vegan Friendly?

Every product on Tribe CBD’s website is 100 percent safe for people on a vegan diet. Yes, this includes our new watermelon CBD gummies, which only contain natural sweeteners and vegan-friendly additives like pectin.

If you have any doubts about our CBD’s quality, please feel free to read through the third-party lab results for each of our products. As you’ll see from these tests, we never sell second-class CBD.