Want a cheap way to feel like British nobility? Buy a box of Earl Grey tea! But why stop there? Sure, Earl Grey seems to have stress-relieving effects…but it could use a little help from a spot of gin (and CBD oil, of course!).

In this post, we’re going to mix two of the UK’s favorite drinks with a generous splash of our citrus-flavored CBD oil. Be sure to give this recipe a try the next time you feel like bingeing on your fave British shows.

Spiked CBD Earl Grey Cocktail

Nobody’s quite sure who first invented Earl Grey tea, but most stories suggest Chinese diplomats offered it as a gift to PM Charles Grey in the 19th century. One thing we’re sure of, however, is this tea’s star ingredient: bergamot. 

Although bergamots are in the orange family, you’ve probably never seen them on your supermarket’s shelves. That’s because this fruit is way too bitter to eat on its own. We don’t care how much you enjoy munching on grapefruits—you’re going to struggle to swallow a slice of fresh bergamot.

Thankfully, we can enjoy the zest of this fruit in perfumes, creams, and, of course, Earl Grey tea…and that’s great news for all of you health nuts out there! Believe it or not, new studies suggest bergamot has compounds that may decrease stress, fight cancer, and improve digestion. 


  • 1 oz gin
  • ~ 1 cup boiling water with Earl Grey tea bag 
  • Two drops vanilla extract
  • 1 dropperful Tribe CBD oil
  • ½ cup of warm milk
  • ½ oz simple syrup
  • Whipped cream and dark chocolate, optional


  • Boil a tea kettle full of water
  • Steep an Earl Grey tea bag in about one cup of hot water
  • Meanwhile, heat about ½ cup of whole milk either on the stovetop or in the microwave
  • Add warm milk, gin, vanilla extract, Tribe CBD oil, and simple syrup to your tea
  • Garnish with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, if desired

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If you’ve never tried homemade whipped cream before, then you don’t know what you’re missing. It doesn’t matter what canned brand you’ve been using; nothing beats the richness of DIY whipped cream. 

Thankfully, it’s not all that difficult to make this creamy concoction at home. In fact, if you’ve got a food processor, you have no excuses for not making fresh whipped cream!

First, pour one cup of heavy cream, one tablespoon of sugar, and two drops of vanilla extract into your food processor. Blitz for about 10 – 15 seconds and check your whipped cream’s consistency. If you’d like it to be a little fluffier, give it a few extra seconds before adding it to your drink. Yes, it’s that simple! 

Typically, this whipped cream will last about three days when stored correctly in the fridge. 

Enjoy Sweet Dreams with Tribe’s CBD Sleep Shots

Since bergamot may have stress-relieving properties, some people claim it could promote a healthy circadian rhythm. However, Earl Grey has caffeine—hence, it’s not the best choice right before bed. Instead, we’d recommend giving Tribe’s CBD Sleep Shots a try. On top of our hemp-derived CBD, each of these shots has a generous helping of relaxing ingredients like Valerian root, Baikal skullcap flower, and melatonin. 

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