Chances are you’ve had a glass of Champagne at a wedding or a graduation by now. You’ve also probably tried Ireland’s famous Guinness beer at least once in your life. However, have you ever thought of combining these two drinks? While it may sound weird to mix French Champagne with Dublin’s darkest draught, bartenders have been doing it for decades. In fact, there’s a cocktail named for this unlikely pair: Black Velvet.

If you’re thinking of giving the Black Velvet a try at your next get-together, check out how Tribe CBD mixes this beverage. Oh yeah, and since this drink is partially Irish, don’t forget to add a little “green” with Tribe’s CBD oil! It’s only fitting, right?

Tribe’s CBD Black Velvet Recipe

Bubbly Meets Brew — Try Tribe’s CBD Black Velvet Cocktail

While the Black Velvet has been keeping drinkers happy for centuries, it has a tragic origin story. Apparently, bartenders created the Black Velvet cocktail shortly after Prince Albert’s untimely death.

For those who know their British history, Prince Albert was Queen Victoria’s husband from 1840 – 1861. Tragically, Prince Albert was only 42 when he died of typhoid fever. Amazingly, Queen Victoria would survive Prince Albert for another 40 years—and she would stay in mourning for the rest of her life.

Bonus trivia: Did you know Prince Albert could have died much sooner due to an accident near Buckingham Palace? Apparently, the prince was skating on thin ice when he fell into a frigid pond in 1841. Luckily for Prince Albert, Queen Victoria rushed in at the nick of time to save him. Had he died in this incident, Prince Albert would have been just 22.


  • 4 oz Champagne
  • 4 oz Guinness black lager
  • 1 dropperful of Tribe CBD oil


  • Pour Champagne in a pre-chilled flute or a clear beer mug
  • Pour black stout over the back of a bar spoon into your mug
  • Top with Tribe CBD oil

It’s always important to keep your cocktails well-chilled for the best drinking experience. However, as you probably noticed, there’s no ice in a traditional Black Velvet cocktail. So, how are you going to keep this drink cold for guests? Simple: plan ahead!

Please be sure to put your Champagne and Guinness in the fridge at least a few hours before preparing this drink. You should also put your serving glasses in the refrigerator to get them nice and frosty.

However, don’t worry too much if you forget to put your glasses in the fridge. There is a neat trick you could use in case you forget to pre-chill your Champagne flutes. Before grabbing all your ingredients, put a handful of ice in your serving glass and let it sit for a few minutes. When you’re ready to start mixing, just dump out the ice and follow the recipe above. This quick-fix may not be as good as putting your glasses in the fridge, but it’s better than nothing.

Sleep Tight With Tribe CBD Sleep Shots 

Considering all the alcohol in a standard Black Velvet, it’s likely this drink will make you snore within a few hours. However, it’s not a great idea to rely on Black Velvets to combat insomnia. For all-natural sleep relief, we recommend trying Tribe’s CBD Sleep Shots. With a combination of hemp extract and melatonin, our CBD Sleep Shots should put you in a sleepy state of mind in no time.

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