Psychological stress can manifest in mysterious ways. Even if you feel “normal” during the day, your subconscious could rebel with serious teeth grinding every night. In fact, it appears this stress response is getting more common in our hectic modern world.

According to the American Dental Association, there have never been so many people in dental clinics with complications related to teeth grinding (aka bruxism). Dentists claim there has been a 70 percent uptick in stress-related bruxism between 2020 and 2021.

Since bruxism is intertwined with stress, some people believe CBD may offer assistance. After all, many people take Tribe CBD oil for anxiety—so why wouldn’t it help with this condition?

Does CBD Get Rid Of “Gnashing Teeth?”

Unfortunately, we can’t say CBD oil directly affects bruxism. To date, there are no studies specifically examining CBD’s effect on this troubling condition.

However, there’s plenty of evidence that suggests CBD has anti-anxiety properties. As we’ve noted in previous posts, placebo-controlled studies out of Japan found CBD had a positive effect on patients with social anxiety disorder.

Also, data suggests CBD could benefit people who suffer from night terrors. In fact, a study out of the University of Colorado tracked CBD’s effectiveness on PTSD patients. Impressively, patients who took CBD every day seemed to experience fewer nightmares during the trial period.

Since many doctors believe anxiety plays a role in bruxism, it makes sense that CBD’s soothing properties should reduce symptom severity. Unfortunately, we can’t make a 1:1 correlation until researchers examine CBD specifically for teeth grinding.

If you are going to use Tribe CBD for nighttime grinding, we’d suggest starting with our CBD Sleep Shots. Although our standard CBD oil should work well, Tribe’s CBD Sleep Shots have an extra dose of melatonin to help improve your sleep quality.

What About Using CBD Oil For TMJ Disorder? 

If you’re a teeth-grinder, then you’re probably all-too-familiar with the temporomandibular joint. Often called “TMJ,” this joint is located in the jaw and often gets “out of whack” due to grinding.

Amazingly, many doctors now believe at least 10 million Americans have some degree of TMJ disorder. Symptoms could range in terms of severity, but some of the most common complaints include neck pain, headaches, and, of course, jaw pain.

Yet again, many TMJ disorder patients are turning to CBD oil for relief. Since CBD shows promise as an anti-inflammatory, it would likely have a healing influence on a person’s TMJ symptoms.

Interestingly, many patients put CBD topically on their jaw to relieve tension and mild swelling. Some trials on CBD topicals suggest they help with knee inflammation, so why shouldn’t they work on the jaw?

Like nighttime grinding, we can’t say anything conclusive about using CBD for TMJ disorder. However, considering CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits, it’s likely this cannabinoid may help patients struggling with this condition.

Smear Some CBD On Your Toothpaste? — Learn More About CBD For Teeth Hygiene 

If you thought using CBD for tooth grinding was crazy, you’ll be shocked to learn some patients are putting CBD oil on their toothpaste. That’s right; a few dentists believe CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory benefits could strengthen our gums. While CBD is no substitute for regular brushing and flossing, it could play a dramatic role in dental hygiene.

To learn more about this exciting topic, you’ve got to check out our previous post dedicated to CBD for teeth health.