Like everything else related to hemp, CBD pet treats have gone mainstream. Indeed, according to recent stats, the pet CBD market is already worth $125 million. So, if you’re a pet owner, chances are you’ve thought about feeding some CBD to your furry family members.

However, before you buy CBD for your Siberian husky, there are a few things to consider. Although the World Health Organization claims CBD is well-tolerated in most animals, that doesn’t mean all CBD products are intended for pets. Below, we’ll go over a few key facts regarding hemp flowers & Fido.

So, Does CBD Really Work For Dogs & Cats? 

CBD For Shih Tzus? — Is Tribe CBD Oil Good For Pets?

First off, you’re probably wondering whether using CBD for pets is all hype. In truth, we can’t verify every claim made about CBD’s benefits for cats and dogs. However, some legit studies suggest CBD may have a positive impact on canines.

One of the best-reviewed studies on CBD for pets took place at Cornell University in 2018. Researchers tracked CBD supplementation in a group of dogs with arthritis. Interestingly, the dogs who took CBD seemed to have better mobility and energy than those given a placebo pill.

A famous study from the University of Kentucky also found that topical CBD reduced knee inflammation in rats. Although rats aren’t “pets,” these results suggest CBD has impressive anti-inflammatory effects.

So, at this point, there’s some evidence suggesting CBD may be beneficial for pets who are struggling with joint pain. Also, since a few clinical trials suggest CBD has anti-anxiety effects, it may help calm pets who suffer from separation anxiety.

Hopefully, as researchers better understand the endocannabinoid system in dogs and cats, we’ll have a better sense of how to dose CBD for pets.

Human-Grade vs. Pet-Grade CBD — A Crucial Distinction

Speaking of “dosing CBD,” pet-owners should remember that standard CBD oils have doses that are best suited for healthy humans. Since most pets are smaller than men and women, it generally takes less CBD to affect them.

Even though CBD is non-psychoactive and generally regarded as safe, that doesn’t mean pets can’t experience side effects—especially if you feed them too much. For this reason, it’s always best to use high-quality CBD products approved for pets. Ideally, your CBD pet treats should come with a vet’s seal of approval.

Pet food manufacturers should tailor their CBD concentrations for dogs and cats. While Tribe’s human-grade CBD oils may be “OK” for pets, we strongly recommend sticking with pet-approved CBD products for the time being.

Got Questions About CBD For Pets? Ask A Vet!  

Although all of Tribe’s CBD products are third-party tested for purity, we don’t recommend feeding them to your pets. Currently, our CBD potencies and recommended dosages are all tailored to our two-legged customers.

However, we encourage pet owners to talk with a trusted veterinarian about the potential benefits of CBD. Be sure to ask your vet questions about CBD dosage and recommended products for your pet’s size and condition. Also, please double-check CBD won’t interact with any prescription meds you’re feeding your pooch!

While the science on CBD for pets isn’t robust, we should have more exciting data in the ensuing decades.