Like the screwdriver, the mimosa is a legendary OJ cocktail that’s incredibly simple to make. Indeed, you don’t even need a shaker to build this tangy three-ingredient cocktail. Anyone who’d like to add a little bubbly to their brunch must add this champagne cocktail recipe to their weekend roster.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to add a dab of our citrus-flavored CBD oil to your mimosa mix! Just a half dropperful of our hemp-derived CBD oil should be enough to keep you relaxed.

Opening a champagne bottle is no laughing matter. OK, we’ll admit all of those “epic fail” videos online are pretty funny—but these clips only prove the seriousness of opening this sudsy drink!

Indeed, ophthalmologists say they frequently treat patients who’ve been struck by a champagne cork. That’s not surprising considering these corks could soar at a max speed of 24 miles per hour.

Thankfully, there are a few simple safety tips to burst your bubbly without bruising your eyes. First off, only open a bottle of champagne that’s well chilled to minimize the risk of a foamy mess. Next, always use a towel when unscrewing your cork.

When you are about to open your bottle, ensure it’s tilted at a 45-degree angle away from yourself and others. And please, never shake your champagne before opening!

CBD Mimosa Recipe

CBD Mimosa Recipe


  • 1 ½ oz orange juice
  • ½ oz triple sec
  • 3 ½ oz champagne
  • ½ dropperful of Tribe CBD oil (citrus)
  • Orange wheel (garnish)


  • Pour orange juice and triple sec into a champagne glass
  • Add enough champagne to fill the glass
  • Top with ½ dropperful of Tribe CBD oil
  • Garnish with an orange wheel

Like many other brunch cocktails, there are countless renditions on the mimosa. Below, we’ll share just a few of our favorite variations to try at your next get-together:

  • Add about ½ oz of grenadine for a gorgeous red color
  • For a more tropical flavor, swap out OJ for pineapple juice or mango juice
  • Try adding a touch of cognac for extra flavor complexity
  • If you like your mimosas extra tart, take out the OJ and add 0.5 oz of cranberry juice and 0.5 oz of lime juice
  • Use 0.5 oz of pomegranate juice and 0.5 oz of orange juice for a pretty POM-approved mimosa

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