People don’t need to travel to the Shaolin Temple to learn the noble arts of Tai Chi and Qigong. Although these practices originated in Ancient China, Tai Chi has spread worldwide. Interestingly, Tai Chi classes have become increasingly popular in many Western nations. Recent studies also suggest that people who regularly practice Tai Chi or Qigong experience many mental and physical benefits. 

While CBD oil isn’t traditionally associated with Tai Chi, some practitioners believe it could provide greater clarity and flexibility for their practice. If you’re already involved with Tai Chi, you may want to consider the complementary effects of high-quality CBD oil. 

Why Should People Take CBD Before Doing Tai Chi? 

People try Tai Chi for many reasons, but stress relief is arguably the most common explanation. The calming movements and non-judgemental atmosphere in Tai Chi courses helps center people’s minds and focus their attention away from worries. Scientists have also discovered that people who practice Tai Chi tend to have lower rates of anxiety and depression. There are even a few studies suggesting Tai Chi can reduce inflammation over time.  

Interestingly, many customers get into CBD oil for the same reason they try Tai Chi: anxiety relief. Many studies suggest CBD oil has natural anti-stress compounds that are effective for conditions like social anxiety disorder. People who microdose CBD often claim they feel a greater sense of ease and focus throughout the day.  

Please remember that hemp-extracted CBD oil must have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. Although CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), it doesn’t have psychoactive properties. In other words, you won’t feel “spaced out” or “paranoid” when taking a high-quality CBD supplement. Instead, CBD may help decrease tension without provoking a psychedelic experience. 

Since many people use CBD and Tai Chi to reduce anxiety, they seem to be complementary. Also, please remember that CBD appears to have anti-inflammatory properties. By using CBD oil with your Tai Chi practice, you may notice your joints and muscles recover quicker after a session. 

How Should Tai Chi Practitioners Take CBD Oil? 

If people are curious about using CBD for their Tai Chi, they should begin experimenting with a CBD supplement on a non-training day. Why? Well, there are no guarantees CBD oil will put you into a “Zen-focused” mind. 

While hemp CBD oil won’t make you “stoned,” everyone reacts differently to CBD supplements. You may find that the minimum dose of one CBD oil makes you feel sleepy, which isn’t ideal just before a Tai Chi class. It may take a few weeks to find the perfect CBD dosage and product for your system, so please be patient as you begin experimenting with CBD. 

Once you find a CBD dose that works for you, you could try taking it about 30 minutes before your Tai Chi class. Take note of whether you feel extra concentration and endurance during your session. Alternatively, you may want to take CBD oil after a Tai Chi workout to help further your relaxation or promote restorative sleep. 

If you don’t feel comfortable taking CBD oil internally, please remember there are external CBD topicals. These CBD creams may help people decrease muscle soreness and joint pain after a workout. While CBD topicals can’t provide the stress-relieving effects of internal CBD products, they can impact your joints thanks to the skin’s natural cannabinoid receptors. 

When CBD Customers Are Ready, Tribe CBD Appears 

Please remember that the quality of your CBD oil will determine how effective it is for your Tai Chi practice. Unscreened CBD products might have a negative impact on your wellbeing. Since there’s zero federal oversight on the CBD market, customers need to request third-party lab tests from whatever CBD brand they’re working with. If you can’t get these tests, then chances are high your CBD oil doesn’t meet its advertised claims.

That’s why the lab test results for our products are easy to find at We offer only the highest quality CBD products and we’re proud of it!