Who wouldn’t love to sink their toes in the golden sands of Rio de Janeiro right this minute? Hey, we could all dream, right? Of course, since flying to Rio costs a lot of dough, it’s far more practical to celebrate at-home with Brazil’s national cocktail: the caipirinha. As a bonus, this citrusy sweet cocktail goes great with a dropperful of Tribe CBD’s citrus-flavored CBD oil!

So, when you want to enjoy a stay-at-home “carnival,” be sure to break out this surprisingly simple CBD caipirinha recipe.

The first question many people have before making a caipirinha is what the heck “cashaça” is and where to find it. Simply put, cashaça is Brazil’s standard rum made with fresh sugarcane instead of molasses.

You can use either aged or fresh cashaça in this CBD cocktail. Although every brand has unique variations, most people claim that unaged cashaça has a more “earthy” flavor with notes of herbs and fresh grass. By contrast, aged cashaça should have a darker color and might have sweeter notes like vanilla or caramel.

How sweet your cashaça is will play a significant role in how much sugar you should add to your caipirinha. We recommend only adding about a teaspoon of fine sugar and then giving this tangy cocktail a taste. If the drink is still too tart for your liking, please add another teaspoon of sugar.

Speaking of sugar, you must use an extremely well-refined white sugar in this drink. Because there’s not a ton of liquid in a caipirinha, it’s difficult for big sugar particles to dissolve quickly. Unless you already have a fine-ground product, we recommend placing your granulated sugar in a food processor to ensure its extra-fine. This tiny bit of prep work will make it easier for the sugar to dissolve in this cocktail.

Enjoy A Brazilian “Staycation” - CBD Caipirinha Recipe

CBD Caipirinha Recipe


  • 2 oz cashaça
  • 1 – 2 teaspoons of fine sugar
  • ½ lime
  • 1 dropperful Tribe CBD oil (citrus)
  • Lime wheels (garnish)


  • Cut about three to four wedges of a lime and add into a rocks glass
  • Add your desired amount of sugar
  • Muddle your lime-sugar mixture to release juices
  • Pour cashaça and citrus-flavored CBD oil
  • Add ice and stir until well-chilled
  • Garnish with a few lime wheels

If you’re familiar with our CBD cocktail recipes, you may have noticed the caipirinha has many similarities with the daiquiri. Despite their similarities, cocktail enthusiasts insist these drinks are worlds apart in terms of flavor experiences. Be sure to try these CBD cocktails side-by-side and tell us which one you prefer on social media!

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