Peaches and Prosecco. That’s literally you need to make Italy’s famed Bellini cocktail. Although this brunch staple is so simple, it has such a sophisticated allure—much like a Bellini masterpiece!

If you’ve never tried a Bellini before, consider giving Tribe’s CBD rendition a go! Our citrus-flavored CBD oil adds just the right amount of tart to bring this Bellini to the next level.

Everything’s Peachy

As we’ve mentioned countless times on our blog, it’s always best to go with homemade ingredients. In the case of the Bellini, you should take the extra effort to blend a peach puree from scratch. Thankfully, it’s not all that hard to make this puree at home.

Indeed, all you need to make an excellent peach puree is about four ripe peaches, ice, a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, and about one tablespoon of sugar. After you’ve cut your peaches into quarters, add them to a blender with a few ice cubes, sugar, and lemon juice. Next, pop on the lid and blitz until the mixture is smooth.

Before you remove the peach puree, give it the old taste test to see if it suits your tastebuds. Feel free to add more lemon or sugar till you feel satisfied with the flavor.

And don’t worry if peaches aren’t in season in your area. It’s OK to use a store-bought jar of peaches, provided they aren’t soaking in a ton of artificial sweeteners. Alternatively, you could buy a bag of frozen peaches and blend them without the ice cubes.

CBD Bellini Recipe

CBD Bellini Recipe



  • Pour peach puree and Prosecco into a cocktail shake
  • Slowly pour this mix back and forth from one cup to the other
  • Strain into a pre-chilled champagne flute
  • Top with Tribe CBD oil

Traditionally, Bellinis aren’t served with a garnish. However, if peaches are in season in your area, why not cut a fresh slice and place it on top of your CBD cocktail?

Another popular way to garnish a Bellini is to plop a frozen peach wedge in your champagne flute. In fact, since Bellinis are served neat, this frozen piece of peach helps keep your drink chilled without diluting it.

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