Mixing a top-rate Tequila Slammer is all about technique. As the name suggests, you’ve got to give this shot a nice “whack” to achieve its signature bubbly consistency. Just one smack should be enough to create the fabulous froth associated with this shot.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to add a pinch of Tribe CBD oil to make this shot, well, a “slam dunk!”

CBD Tequila Slammer Recipe 

It’s never a good idea to “slam” soda cans…but you can’t make a Tequila Slammer without giving your glass a little hit. The whole point of “slamming” your shot is to get the ginger ale extra bubbly, giving your drink a fantastic, fizzy texture.

Obviously, you should only use a glass with a thick bottom to ensure it can withstand a tap on the table. You should also consider putting a paper towel over your glass to avoid getting sticky soda on your hands.

If you don’t feel comfortable hitting this shot on the table, you could serve the Tequila Slammer as is. In fact, some people like to pour extra ginger ale in an ice-filled rocks glass for a sweeter sipping experience.



  • Pour tequila, Tribe CBD oil, and ginger ale into a shot glass with a thick bottom
  • Cover the top of your glass with a paper towel
  • Carefully “slam” your glass on a wooden surface, just enough to activate bubbles
  • Enjoy your shot while it’s fizzy

While you need tequila to make a Tequila Slammer, you can substitute the ginger ale. Indeed, there have been dozens of variations on this shot recipe, each with a unique bubbly addition.

For instance, many people prefer using lemon-lime sodas in place of ginger ale. Whether you like 7-Up or Sprite, either of these popular drinks can make a spectacularly sudsy Tequila Slammer.

Many Tequila Slammer variations opt for sparkling champagne or prosecco. So, if you have a bottle of bubbly lying around your house, consider testing it out with this tequila drink.

Also, please feel free to add extra flavors like fruit juice or grenadine syrup to jazz up this shot. There are so many fantastic ways you could put your spin on the Tequila Slammer, so be sure to research a few recipe variations online.

How Do You “Shoot” Tribe CBD Oil? — Sublingually, Of Course!

Many new customers ask what’s the “best” way to take Tribe CBD oil. Although your ideal delivery method will depend on your health goals, sublingual ingestion is the fastest way to get CBD in your system.

Before swallowing a dropperful of Tribe CBD oil, let it sit under your tongue for about 30 seconds. This simple step will let your sublingual glands absorb CBD into your bloodstream.

Please find out more about taking Tribe’s high-quality CBD oil on this page.