As we spend more time typing on keyboards, is it any wonder more people are complaining about wrist pain? Currently, the American Family Physician suggests six percent of adults suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Doctors also claim people over 54 years old are most at risk of developing this debilitating condition. 

Since carpal tunnel has become such a prevalent health issue, it’s only natural that more patients are interested in using CBD. After all, many people already use CBD oil to help manage pain conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. Could CBD’s positive effect on inflammation help with symptoms related to carpal tunnel syndrome? 

Could CBD Relieve Wrist Pain? — Data On CBD For Carpal Tunnel

We don’t have conclusive evidence on how CBD affects wrist-related conditions like carpal tunnel. However, a few studies suggest CBD has a positive impact on nerve-related pain (aka neuropathy). 

For instance, scientists at San Diego’s Scripps Mercy Hospital tested topical CBD creams on a group of patients with neuropathic pain. Although only about 30 people participated in this trial, most noticed significant results in pain-related symptoms after a few weeks of using CBD. 

There’s also plenty of data that suggests CBD topicals, oils, and capsules have anti-inflammatory effects on the body. The University of Kentucky found CBD creams reduced knee arthritis in rats, and Cornell scientists found CBD pills helped minimize swelling in dogs with osteoarthritis. 

Since carpal tunnel involves both inflammation and neuropathy, CBD would likely have a positive impact. Just keep in mind that CBD may interact with other pain medications. Therefore, if you’re already taking something for carpal tunnel syndrome, you should ask a medical professional whether it’s safe to use CBD.  

How Should Patients Use CBD Oil For Carpal Tunnel?

While you could take CBD oil internally for carpal tunnel syndrome, most patients rub a CBD salve on their wrists when they feel pain. Scientists agree that we have thousands of cannabinoid receptors on our skin. When you apply CBD externally, these receptors absorb all of CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects. Topical CBD may also help calm over-excited nerves, which could reduce carpal tunnel-related pain signaling.

While it’s most common to use topical CBD creams for carpal tunnel syndrome, some patients also experience superb results using full-spectrum CBD oils, edibles, or capsules. However, you must talk with a physician before taking CBD internally. Each of these products will pass the blood-brain barrier, which could affect other medications or supplements you’re taking. By contrast, CBD molecules in topicals are too large to pass through the skin layer into the bloodstream. 

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