Some say money is the root of all evil…but it isn’t going away anytime soon. Whether it’s crypto, precious metals, or cold-hard cash, nobody on God’s green earth is going to say no to a little extra green.

But even if you aren’t rolling in the dough, you can feel like a millionaire with the alluring Money Maker cocktail. This simple mix of fruity spirits is the perfect way to celebrate sweet gains—or recover as your stocks plummet!

Since hemp is one of the 21st century’s “greenest” industries, why not add a dropperful of Tribe CBD oil to your Money Maker cocktail. Even if you’re not stinkin’ rich, a little CBD could make you feel content with what you’ve got!

CBD Money Maker Cocktail Recipe

How Millionaires Mix Midori — Taste Tribe’s CBD Money Maker Cocktail

The more you research words, the more mysterious they become. For instance, etymologists believe the words “money” and “monitor” are related to the Classical goddess Juno. Allegedly, the term “Moneta” was a reference to Juno, who supposedly created coinage in an ancient Roman temple. So, was money an invention of the gods?

Even more interesting, the word “salary” is related to “salt.” While table salt is common nowadays, it has been a valuable commodity for most of human history. Indeed, salt was so valuable that it was traded as cash in many societies.

Fun fact: The city of Salzburg in Austria owed its riches to a salt mine. Classical music fans should already know this city’s main claim to fame: Mozart!


  • 1 ½ oz pear or peach-flavored vodka
  • ½ oz Midori
  • ½ oz lemon juice
  • 1 dropperful Tribe CBD oil


  • Pour vodka, Midori, lemon juice, and Tribe CBD oil into a cocktail shaker
  • Add ice and shake for a few seconds
  • Strain into a pre-chilled glass
  • Garnish with cherry (optional)

Although most customers fall in love with CBD, many aren’t too thrilled with its steep price tag. Indeed, the phrase “Why is CBD so expensive?” is constantly trending in Google searches.

There’s no denying it: high-quality CBD oils could be expensive in today’s market. There are many reasons this is the case, but most boil down to supply and demand. Since the USA only legalized CBD in 2018, there aren’t enough licensed hemp farms to meet the public’s high demand.

Also, there’s no 1:1 conversion of hemp flowers to CBD extract. Even though CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid in hemp, it doesn’t make up 100 percent of the plant’s chemical structure. Depending on the quality of a farmer’s hemp, it could take pounds of hemp flowers to produce just a few vials of CBD oil.

Customers also have to consider the additional costs for safely extracting and purifying CBD oils. It takes a lot of hi-tech equipment to produce federally-compliant CBD products, which translates into a higher price tag.

While high-quality hemp may be pricier than other products, many people swear the effects of CBD are worth the cost. Also, please keep in mind there are many ways you could save on your total CBD purchase.

For instance, Tribe CBD now offers special discounts to customers who join our mailing list. We also have generous assistance and affiliate programs for veterans, low-income families, and patients with disabilities. To find out more about these offers, please check out this link.

Is Tribe’s CBG Oil Worth Your Money? 

Since we’re talking so much about money, we’ve got to mention CBG. While this non-psychoactive cannabinoid is similar to CBD, it’s often sold at a higher price tag. Why? Well, it only accounts for about one percent of a hemp plant’s cannabinoid percentage. For this reason, some refer to CBG as the “Rolls-Royce” of cannabinoids.

Although we don’t know a ton about CBG, some customers claim it has lovely soothing properties. You could find out more about the science behind CBG in this previous post. Also, please don’t forget Tribe CBD now sells CBG oil capsules.