Lab Results: Lot/Batch Numbering System

Here you can browse Lot/Batch Numbers associated with our products. Click a Lot Number to view and download the Certificates Of Analysis (COAs) for products associated with this Lot Number. At Tribe, we test our broad-spectrum oil for potency, terpenes, solvents, and pesticides before we add it to our products. After the products are manufactured we then test the individual products for potency to ensure our customers receive a consistent product. We add all of these lab results to each Lot Number below for transparency.Batch numbers are located on individual products. To see an example please click here.All Lot NumbersLot 0078 – November, 2019CBD Cream (703540, 703470)Lot 0077 – October, 2019CBD Gummies (20190202, 20190202A)Lot 0076 – August, 2019CBD Cream (694106, 165029)Lot 0075 – August, 2019CBD Energy Shots (19080801A, 19073001A, 19072601A, 19072901A)CBD Sleep Shots(1908051A, 19080701A)Lot 0074 – June, 2019Tinctures: Natural 250mg (19052101A, 19052203A), Natural, 500mg (19052102A), Natural 1000mg (19052103A)Tinctures Citrus 250mg (19052104A), Citrus 500mg (19052201A), Citrus 1000mg (19052202A)Lot 0073 – June, 2019CBD Sleep Shots (19060701A, 19061301A)CBD Shots (19061002A, 19061201A, 1906072A)