It may seem weird to say a produce item could “speak for a generation.” However, that’s exactly what has happened with avocados! Within a short time, this creamy green fruit has gone from relative obscurity to a defining feature of millennial life. Nowadays, you could find people slapping slices of avo on everything from bacon burgers to slices of sourdough bread.

Avocado smoothies are also gaining a lot of attention in fitness circles. If you’re one of the many people thinking about swapping caffeine for ‘cado, then you can’t pass on this extra chill smoothie recipe. (If you didn’t already guess, our recipe is “extra chill” because we add a dropperful of Tribe CBD oil!).

CBD Avocado Smoothie Recipe 

Supercharge Your Morning With Tribe’s Super Healthy CBD Avocado Smoothie

Arguably, the most annoying thing about avocados is that they take awhile to ripen. Unless you buy super soft avocados, chances are you’ll have to wait a few days for them to reach maturity.

Interestingly, some people have tried to “speed up” the ripening process by placing avocados in the microwave. While this “hack” softens the avocado’s outer layer, it won’t give your avocado a smooth texture or a delicious nutty flavor. Like other fine things in life, perfect avocados require patience!

However, you could give your avocados a gentle nudge by putting it in a paper bag with either an apple or banana. This neat trick traps the ethylene gas necessary for ripening. Keep this trick in mind if you’re super impatient to try this CBD smoothie.


  • 1/2 of an avocado
  • 1 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1 Tbsp honey
  • 1 cup of ice
  • 1 Tbsp protein powder (optional)
  • 1 dropperful Tribe CBD oil 


  • Add all of your ingredients to a blender
  • Blitz for about 30 seconds, or until smooth
  • Add more ice or milk to reach your desired consistency
  • Pour and enjoy!

When you get out of bed, even small tasks can seem like monumental chores. Although cutting an avocado isn’t such a big deal, it can be super annoying when you’re in a rush. Also, it’s sometimes tricky to know whether your avocado will be ready in the morning.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to remedy this issue: use frozen avocados! Nowadays, you shouldn’t have a problem finding frozen avocado chunks in your local grocery store. You could also cut your ripe avocado and place slices in a freezer-safe bag for long-term storage.

However, if you’re going to freeze avocado slices, you should put them on a parchment-lined sheet in the freezer one hour before plopping them in your freezer-safe bag. You may also want to spray your slices with a bit of lemon juice. These extra steps will ensure your avocado stays firm and green for as long as possible.

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