Unlike many of the most famous 1920s cocktails, the Jack Rose wasn’t invented in “The Big Apple”—which is a tad disappointing considering this drink features applejack. Yes, even New York’s snobbiest critics must admit New Jersey deserves props for this Prohibition-era drink. If you love citrus and cider flavors, you’ll also praise the Garden State for gifting the world this gorgeous rose-hued cocktail.

If you like your cocktails on the tart side, then we’d suggest adding a dropperful of Tribe’s citrus-flavored CBD oil to your Jack Rose. Just a touch of our high-quality CBD is sure to add extra relaxation to this refreshing drink.

Did you know applejack was the first distilled spirit on American soil? It’s true; before whiskey started to gain traction, William Laird was producing applejack spirits for thirsty colonists. From 1780 to this day, Laird’s remains America’s most iconic applejack brand, and it’s an excellent choice for the Jack Rose.

So, what the heck is applejack? Basically, this is a high-proof apple brandy. In the early days, colonists would freeze excess apple cider and separate the water from the alcoholic beverage. This process was known as “jacking,” hence the name “applejack.”

Now you may be wondering what you could do with applejack in-between making Jack Roses. Well, since applejack is such a fall favorite, it’s very easy to sub into drinks for an autumnal flair. Consider adding some applejack to previous recipes like our CBD Negroni or CBD Mint Julep when you’re craving a little “New England nostalgia.”

CBD Jack Rose Recipe


  • ½ oz grenadine
  • ½ oz lime juice
  • 2 oz applejack
  • 1 dropperful Tribe CBD oil (citrus)
  • Lime wheel for garnish (optional)


  • Pour grenadine, lime juice, and applejack into a cocktail shaker
  • Add ice and shake for a few seconds
  • Strain into a pre-chilled coupe glass
  • Top with Tribe CBD oil
  • Garnish with a lime wheel (optional)

While it’s not difficult to find grenadine in liquor stores, nothing beats homemade, right? If you’ve got some free time, you could easily make this pomegranate syrup at home. You can find our super-simple grenadine recipe in this previous blog post.

If you are going to buy grenadine at the store, please be wary of artificial sugars. It’s not uncommon for grenadine brands to contain high traces of high-fructose corn syrup, which could make your Jack Rose extremely sweet. Be sure to adjust the lime juice-to-grenadine proportions to find your ideal balance of sweet & sour.

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