Tribe CBD’s mission is twofold: Produce the highest quality hemp extracts at the most affordable prices. Although our team tries to keep our costs low, we understand that CBD oil can be a pricey supplement for some customers. Unfortunately, many of the people who could benefit the most from hemp are those who struggle to afford CBD oil.

To help make CBD more accessible to US customers, Tribe CBD now offers three generous Assistance Programs. You could enjoy our highest-rated CBD oils for a steep discount if you meet the qualifications listed below. 

How Does Tribe CBD’s Assistance Program Work?  

Currently, Tribe CBD offers our Assistance Program to three demographics: veterans, patients with disabilities, and low-income households. 

If you meet the requirements for any of these three categories, you could enjoy 30 percent discounts on up to $500 worth of Tribe CBD products every month. After hitting the $500 threshold, you will have to wait until next month to take advantage of this 30 percent reduction. 

While we don’t need sensitive financial info like your social security number, you must submit paperwork to prove you meet one of the above mentioned categories. For instance, veterans need to submit a copy of their VA card, DD-214, and military records. 

Those with a long-term disability should send Tribe CBD doctor-signed paperwork with their diagnosis. For those in the low-income category, Tribe CBD needs information such as a tax return document, Medicaid card, or EBT card. 

Tribe CBD accepts electronic and physical records to apply for our Assistance Program. If you want to send your documents via email, please contact our team at For those who’d prefer to submit documents via snail mail, our official address is as follows:

Tribe Brands, LLC 

675 S. Broadway 

Denver, CO 80209

Please be patient as Tribe CBD evaluates your records. We take each Assistance Program application seriously on a case-by-case basis. It may take a week or two before you hear back from Tribe CBD. 

Are There Other Ways To Save On Tribe CBD? 

Even if you don’t qualify for one of Tribe CBD’s Assistance Programs, there are other ways you could take advantage of deals on our website. Throughout the year, Tribe CBD frequently hosts “flash sales” on some of our hottest products. Be sure to frequently check Tribe CBD’s main website for hot deals, especially during holidays like July 4th, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. 

Tribe CBD also offers an “Autoship Program” to reward repeat customers. If you “Join the Tribe,” you will enjoy 15 percent off every CBD order plus free shipping for every purchase over $80. We offer flexible terms ranging from two-week to two-month schedules. Plus, you could cancel or change your “Autoship Program” at any moment without worrying about a fee. 

Lastly, you could sign up for Tribe CBD’s newsletter or follow us on social media for breaking news on any special sales. You can find the “Tribe CBD Newsletter Sign Up” link on the bottom left of our main homepage. If you still have questions about taking advantage of Tribe CBD’s offers, please click this link to contact our friendly team. We’re happy to respond to questions and help you figure out the best way to bring CBD into your life.