CBD edibles are one of the most exciting categories in the hemp industry. Every week, it seems like a hemp brand is putting out a wild new CBD-infused treat to enjoy. However, just because you could find CBD in many foods doesn’t mean it pairs well with every product. Indeed, a few reports suggest CBD has the best bioavailability in certain edibles. 

When Pairing CBD With Food, Fat Is Your Friend! 

Whenever you’re thinking of mixing CBD oil with food, you must focus on the fat content. The higher the fat in your meal, the better the odds you will enjoy CBD’s maximum benefits. 

Please remember that cannabinoids like CBD are fat-soluble. CBD will cling to fat cells, which increases the likelihood you’ll absorb CBD when you eat it. By contrast, when you put CBD oil in water, the cannabinoids will separate out. Even though there are CBD-infused waters and seltzers on today’s market, they tend to have a lower total absorption rate.

Interestingly, recent data from the University of Minnesota supports the theory that CBD always works better when combined with high-fat foods. In a recent trial, professors gave CBD oil to two groups of participants. Some people took CBD oil with a high-fat breakfast burrito, but others took CBD on an empty stomach. As you could imagine, those in the burrito group had significantly higher CBD absorption rates.

While you don’t need to eat a burrito every time you mix CBD oil with food, you should focus on using CBD oil with fatty meals. You’ll always have a better chance of absorbing the maximum amount of CBD when you pair it with high-fat & protein-rich foods. 

So, What Are Good Foods To Eat With CBD? 

Butter is the most popular food people like to mix their CBD into. It’s easy for CBD to attach itself to the fat molecules in this creamy kitchen staple. Plus, since butter is so versatile, it’s easy for people to sneak this CBD edible into countless recipes. Whether you enjoy mixing CBD butter in brownies, cookies, or on top of mashed potatoes, you’ll find numerous creative ways to add hemp extract to your diet. 

Although butter is a popular choice to pair with CBD oil, it’s by no means the only foodstuff that’s great with CBD. Please remember that any high-fat food is a great option to mix with your CBD oil. For instance, many people love adding CBD oil to a perfectly seasoned salmon filet. It’s also common to mix CBD in extra virgin olive oil for a superfood salad dressing.

However, please don’t use CBD-infused cooking oils in a hot pan! High heat can diminish CBD oil’s effectiveness, so it’s best to drizzle your CBD olive oil after your food is cooked through. 

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