You don’t need to take CBD oil internally to experience phenomenal results. Indeed, plenty of studies suggest CBD topicals have a profound effect on pain perception and inflammation. Dermatologists also claim we have cannabinoid receptors on our skin, which is why skin-safe CBD creams and ointments seem to have a positive effect.

If you have chronic issues like stiff joints or back pain, you’ve probably thought about giving CBD creams a try. If you’re just trying Tribe CBD’s Cream Topicals, you may be wondering how long to wait before feeling results. Hopefully, by the time you finish this post, you’ll better understand what to expect when using a CBD topical. 

How Long Does It Take To Feel A CBD Topical? 

CBD lotions are available in a wide range of potencies, and they often contain many secondary ingredients. Plus, since everyone’s body absorbs CBD differently, it isn’t easy to give a precise estimate on when you should feel the effects of your CBD lotion.

However, if you apply a liberal amount of high-quality CBD lotion to your knees, neck, or back, you should start to notice positive effects within a few minutes. Some anecdotal reports suggest CBD topicals hit their max potency about one hour after applying them. From then on, you may notice CBD’s pain-relieving effects gradually diminish. 

I’m Not Feeling My CBD Cream! — CBD Topical Troubleshooting

Let’s say you’re not feeling anything after using your hemp-derived CBD cream. How could you tell whether there’s something wrong with the product or if CBD isn’t right for you?

First off, you need to verify your CBD manufacturer includes third-party lab results with its products. These test results will reveal whether your CBD ointment has exceptional ingredients. Always ensure your CBD topical has a “zero” score for nasty compounds like heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents. 

You could also use this report to verify whether there are any secondary cannabinoids in your topical. Topicals that only have CBD isolate may not have the highest effectiveness since they won’t produce the “entourage effect.” For more details on the “entourage effect,” read our article  titled, “CBD for Athletes: Entourage Effect for the Win?

After you’ve verified your CBD product is high-quality, you should ramp up your topical dosage. Unlike CBD oils, you don’t have to worry about using a liberal dose of CBD balms on your skin. CBD molecules are too big to penetrate the blood-brain barrier. Instead, CBD topicals work by interacting with local nerves and cannabinoid receptors to have a localized healing effect. So, please feel free to keep applying your CBD lotion until you notice relief. 

Try Tribe CBD Topical Cream!

Some CBD topical manufacturers hide low concentrations of hemp extract by adding “numbing” secondary ingredients like menthol and frankincense. While there may be some CBD in these topicals, they’re often just glorified peppermint salves sold for higher prices.

Tribe CBD is dedicated to providing you with only the best CBD products. That’s why our third party lab test results are easy to find on our website! Visit us online to learn more about our CBD products, including our Cold Therapy CBD Cream!