A common misconception about hemp CBD is that it will wreck your memory. While smoking THC-heavy marijuana may harm cognition, there’s no evidence that CBD poses a risk to a person’s brain health. In fact, recent trials out of the UK suggest CBD may have neuroprotective properties.

If these latest findings are true, CBD supplements may play an essential role in treating common memory-related conditions.

Could CBD Improve Memory? What New Research Suggests

The latest research into CBD for memory took place at the UK’s prestigious University College London. For this trial, researchers took MRI scans of healthy patients who took CBD oil or a placebo pill. They also tested each patient’s focus with memory-related tasks and questions.

Although there weren’t huge differences in each person’s accuracy, scientists said CBD participants seemed to answer questions faster than controls. This may indicate CBD helps with short-term recall.

However, the critical finding in this trial was each patient’s brain scans. According to MRI imaging, patients who took CBD had higher blood-oxygen levels in the hippocampus region. Amongst other functions, the hippocampus plays a substantial role in memory storage and processing.

Granted, this trial was small and restricted to healthy participants, but it gives us a clue into how CBD interacts with the brain. The more universities look into this issue, the better chance we’ll know if CBD could enhance memory.

Less Stress, Better Grades — Other Ways CBD Could Improve Cognitive Function

Another reason CBD oil may improve memory is its potent anti-anxiety properties. Doctors now show that stress can negatively affect short and long-term memory. Chances are you have experience with this phenomenon during a stressful exam!

As we’ve noted in previous blog posts, many studies suggest CBD works great for anxiety disorders. While most CBD trials focus on social anxiety disorder, they all indicate this cannabinoid has positive effects versus placebo pills.

By naturally reducing anxiety, CBD oil may improve cognitive function over the long haul. It’s also possible CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties could play a positive role in mental performance.

Need A Brain Boost? Consider Tribe’s CBD Oil!

Will Tribe CBD Make You Smarter? — Exciting New Research Into CBD For Memory

While Tribe CBD oil may not give you Beethoven’s brilliance, it could provide customers with a noticeable edge on their exams. In addition to CBD’s anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties, scientists now believe it could strengthen brain regions like the hippocampus.

True, these findings are preliminary, but they may help debunk the myth that cannabis always causes memory impairment. In reality, only THC-heavy strains appear to affect mental processing negatively. Legal CBD hemp, however, may have a neuroprotective effect.

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