There are some cases where “more” is better. For instance, it’d be challenging to find an employee who would argue against a raise! However, there are a surprising number of instances where “less is more.” As counterintuitive as it may sound, some people use less CBD oil and experience better results. There’s even a term for this strategy: microdosing. If you’re curious why microdosing CBD oil has become so popular, you should consider the details below.  

What’s The Deal With Microdosing CBD Oil?

Microdosing CBD is pretty self-explanatory. People who practice this dosing strategy deliberately take less CBD than usual. Generally, microdosers break up their ideal daily dosage into three, four, or even five sessions. 

Initially, microdosing was solely connected with illegal psychedelic drugs like LSD or magic mushrooms. It’s well known that employees in Silicon Valley used these drugs at sub-perceptible levels to (supposedly) boost creativity and focus. 

With research suggesting that CBD may help with things such as memory and meditation, it’s not hard to believe that even a small dose may have some benefits.

As news of microdosing spread outside of California, more people have begun experimenting with this concept in the cannabis industry. Hence, CBD microdosing is now a thing in the hemp community. 

Why Do Some People Enjoy Microdosing CBD? 

Since CBD is non-psychoactive, it may seem strange for people to take super-small doses of CBD oil. After all, isn’t CBD mild even at high doses? How would tiny amounts of CBD enhance its benefits? 

Well, the point of microdosing isn’t to feel a blast of calm. Instead, people who microdose CBD want to gently influence their day for the better. Since microdoses are so “micro,” it’s less likely people will feel CBD’s sedating properties throughout a busy day. This is an excellent choice for customers who need help with stress relief but can’t risk a hit to their productivity. 

Anyone susceptible to CBD’s sleep-inducing effects may find microdoses provide superior anxiety relief throughout the day. Also, some people find small doses of CBD help promote constant anti-inflammatory effects, which may improve mobility and joint pain. 

What’s The Perfect Way To Microdose CBD? 

Everyone will have a different “ideal” CBD microdosing schedule. However, it would help if you had a sense of your CBD threshold before experimenting with microdosing. Figure out how much CBD you could comfortably take per day at full doses, then use this info to plan your microdosing strategy.

For instance, if you find that you enjoy CBD’s max benefits at 100 mg per day, you should plan to break this dosage into four or five daily sessions. In this case, you’d take 25 mg or 20 mg per session, depending on how many times you decide to use CBD oil.

While you could use any CBD product to microdose, it’s best to use CBD oil. It’s simpler to figure out an accurate dose when taking a CBD oil sublingually. Not only is it easier to measure your CBD dosage, you will absorb 100 percent of the CBD when you place the oil under your tongue.

Give Microdosing A Try With The Help Of Tribe CBD!

Microdosing CBD doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s a strategy that’s worth considering. If you’re interested in a gentle way to incorporate CBD into your workday, microdosing may give you fantastic results for focus, stress relief, and pain reduction.

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