If you’re new to taking CBD, you may be wondering when you should feel its famous calming properties. This is especially true with CBD gummies. Since gummies have a slow absorption rate, it can be difficult to pinpoint when CBD enters your bloodstream. 

Most people should feel a sublingual CBD oil within about 15 – 20 minutes, but it will take longer to feel Tribe’s CBD gummy. Also, when a CBD gummy’s effects kick in, they probably won’t be the same as a CBD oil.

To help you gauge your CBD gummy experience, please keep the guidelines listed below in mind. 

When Should You Expect To Feel Tribe’s CBD Gummy? 

It’s notoriously difficult to give an “average time” for when CBD gummies take effect. Every customer has a unique physiology, which will influence when you feel the CBD in an edible. Also, the number of gummies you take will play a role in when you start to feel CBD’s effects. 

All that being said, most people feel CBD gummies roughly 45 minutes after swallowing a dose. You may feel a CBD gummy after 30 minutes if you have a faster metabolism. Those with a slower digestive system may have to wait over an hour to feel these gummies. 

Please also remember that CBD gummies won’t “hit you” as hard as CBD oils. As CBD edibles go through the liver, they lose their overall potency. Therefore, the milligram count you see on a CBD edible’s label will always be less than the total milligrams entering your system. The result is that CBD gummies have a subtler effect on a person’s system.

If you’re only interested in low-intensity & long-lasting effects, then gummies are the way to go. However, people who want a more immediate and substantial hit of CBD may wish to consider taking Tribe’s CBD oil sublingually or downing one of our CBD Shots

Whatever you do, please never overdo your CBD gummies dose. Unfortunately, it’s common for newcomers to keep taking CBD edibles as they would a typical snack. Since you don’t feel CBD’s effects immediately, taking too many gummies early on can have disastrous effects within an hour. You may experience side effects like nausea, headaches, or fatigue if you take too many gummies early in the day. 

Please always start with the lowest recommended dose of CBD gummies and only increase by one gummy per day. Once you find a CBD gummy dosage that has positive effects, please write it down in a journal and never stray from that number. 

Final Question: Can Vegans Eat Tribe’s CBD Gummies? 

Lastly, it’s important to note that Tribe’s CBD gummies are 100 percent vegan-friendly. No matter what diet you’re on, you can take these high-quality CBD edibles without worrying about breaking your dietary requirements. We also guarantee we’re using the cleanest ingredients and only a pinch of pure cane sugar. 

For more info on Tribe’s CBD gummies, please click this link for full product details.