Americans may not be as obsessed with coffee as the Finns, but this caffeinated beverage is still a big deal in the USA. The National Coffee Association estimates at least seven in ten Americans admit to being a regular “coffee consumer.” 

Although coffee can certainly get you moving, there are a few side effects associated with caffeine. Indeed, one reason some people can’t get into coffee is due to its adverse reactions. Often described as “the jitters,” many coffee drinkers feel more on-edge after a cup of Joe.

This is where Tribe’s hemp CBD may be able to lend a helping hand. Many customers have already begun adding a pinch of our high-quality CBD to their daily mug of coffee. Why? Well, according to some, CBD helps block caffeine’s tension-inducing side effects. Even people sensitive to caffeine find that “CBD coffee” has a milder impact.

Does CBD Coffee Seriously Work?

We understand that it may sound strange to mix CBD hemp extract with a steamy cup of coffee. However, many anecdotal testimonies suggest CBD coffee offers a relaxing sense of euphoria without the risk of anxiety. CBD’s anti-anxiety properties may weaken caffeine’s effect on the central nervous system. You’ll still feel the effects of caffeine, but they probably won’t be as intense. 

There’s also preliminary research into caffeine’s impact on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). For instance, researchers at Chicago’s Northwestern University examined the effect of coffee on ECS receptors. Apparently, caffeine has the opposite effect on the ECS versus cannabinoids like CBD. While CBD will stimulate certain aspects of the ECS, caffeine tends to interfere with neurotransmitter signaling. Since these compounds have opposite effects, they may balance each other out when combined.

Lastly, there’s some speculation over whether CBD affects the compound adenosine. Caffeine inhibits adenosine, which causes us to feel more alert. However, some people suggest CBD could have the opposite effect on adenosine. While there’s no solid evidence to prove this theory, it could help explain the unique impact of CBD coffee.

How Much CBD Should You Put In Your Coffee?

Before you experiment with CBD coffee, it’s a good idea to test Tribe CBD oil on its own. We recommend starting with a tiny dose of CBD and working up in 5 – 10 mg increments per day. Once you find the CBD dose that works for your needs, note it in a journal and use this as your baseline for CBD coffee.

You also have to consider how much caffeine is in your chosen coffee. Obviously, if you’re drinking espresso, you’ll probably need more CBD to counteract the higher traces of caffeine. People who get caffeine from less intense sources like Earl Gray or green tea may find a moderate dose of CBD is all they need.

Honestly, there’s no science to dosing CBD on its own or with caffeinated beverages. You must be willing to experiment a bit to figure out what ratios of CBD-to-caffeine work best for you.

FYI: Tribe CBD has plenty of hot cocktail recipe ideas that feature coffee. For instance, check out our recipe for a CBD espresso martini the next time you’re in the mood for “stimulating relaxation.”

Don’t Like Coffee Or Tea? — You Could Still Get Energy With Tribe CBD!

Coffee and tea are the most popular natural sources of caffeine, but not everyone on earth is a fan of these beverages. Also, there may be times when people need a quick energy boost but they can’t wait for their water to brew. Luckily, Tribe CBD has a way you could enjoy a fast and effective “jolt” without worrying about jitters.  

If you’re interested in an energy boost, we’d recommend checking out our CBD Energy Shots. These berry-flavored shots have a mix of our famous hemp-derived CBD plus all-natural caffeine. The blend of these two compounds helps keep you alert without feeling excessively anxious. Please take a look at Tribe’s CBD Energy Shots on this link.