Nowadays, it seems like everyone is going “crazy for ketosis!” In fact, data from Google suggests average yearly searches for “keto” are now at 25 million. That makes keto one of the hottest diet regimens in modern times. 

Considering CBD is also a big deal on the health & wellness scene, many people are curious whether hemp helps or hinders ketosis. Is Tribe CBD oil a safe addition to the keto diet? If so, does this cannabinoid have anything to offer people transitioning to a keto lifestyle? 

Why Should Keto Dieters Consider Tribe CBD Oil? 

Firstly, CBD is OK on the keto diet. As long as you’re using a CBD oil that’s been properly screened by third-party labs, you can safely add CBD to your routine. 

Now you’re probably wondering why you’d want to add CBD oil to your keto diet. Could CBD make a significant difference in your ketogenic lifestyle?

Interestingly, keto and CBD share many similarities. For instance, did you know Dr. Russell Wilder initially created the keto diet to help people struggling with epilepsy? Although most people today get introduced to keto for its fat-burning potential, it seems to have significant neuroprotective effects.

Those familiar with CBD may also know this cannabinoid gained mainstream attention for its role in helping children with epileptic seizures. Indeed, the evidence for CBD’s positive effects on epilepsy is so convincing that the FDA approved a CBD-infused drug called Epidiolex.  

While this potential neuroprotective connection is impressive, it’s not the only feature CBD shares with the keto diet. Many preliminary trials suggest CBD may help convert white fat cells to brown fat cells. Since our body can easily break down brown fat cells, some researchers believe CBD could ramp up the fat-burning process. Considering most people get into keto to lose fat, CBD has obvious benefits for achieving weight loss goals. 

Lastly, it’s crucial to mention CBD is a fat-soluble compound. Keto dieters eat a high-fat diet anyway, so it’s more likely they’ll have an easier time absorbing CBD oil. Recent studies from the University of Minnesota strongly suggest that people who take CBD with a high-fat meal absorb more than those who use CBD on an empty stomach. So, if you’re going to add Tribe CBD oil to your keto lifestyle, it makes sense to take it with a slice of avocado or a delicious salmon filet.

How Should Keto Dieters Choose The Best CBD Oil? 

While CBD oil has tons of benefits to offer keto fans, please remember that not every CBD product will deliver high-quality effects. If you opt for CBD brands with lackluster screening standards, then you may not experience any of hemp’s healing properties. Please only order CBD oils, edibles, or topicals from reliable brands that use third-party lab testing procedures. 

Keto fans also have to be extra careful about the additional ingredients in their CBD products. For instance, if you’re ordering CBD edibles, you must be on guard for nasty additives or unnecessary sweeteners that could aggravate inflammation. Although CBD is naturally anti-inflammatory, you must ensure your products don’t have inflammation triggers like high-fructose corn syrup. 

Lastly, it would help if you took a peek at the carrier oils manufacturers use for CBD extracts. Ideally, keto dieters should use a CBD product that has MCT oil. Derived from coconuts, MCT oil is beloved in the keto community for its fat-burning and energy-boosting effects. 

Tribe’s CBD Supplements Are Keto-Approved! 

If you’re craving a keto-friendly CBD supplement, Tribe CBD has plenty of options. From our MCT-enriched CBD oil to our vegan-approved CBD gummies, everything in our store will meet the most rigorous keto dieter’s standards. We also include third-party lab tests with all of our products so you can feel safe adding CBD to your wellness routine.

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