Jet lag is a drag. No matter how experienced you are with long-haul flights, it’s virtually impossible to “train” your body to respond to different time zones. Typically, it takes a few days to adjust to new destinations.

While jet lag may be impossible to ignore, there are ways long-distance travelers could mitigate their malaise. For instance, some customers claim using a CBD supplement like Tribe CBD oil can significantly reduce jet lag symptoms. While CBD may not get rid of jet lag, it’s a valuable tool travelers could use to make the most of their trip. 

How Could CBD Settle Jet Lag Symptoms?

There are many potential reasons CBD oil might help with jet lag, but most researchers point to the endocannabinoid system (ECS). As we’ve explored in previous posts, the ECS is involved in multiple bodily processes, many of which are directly related to jet lag. For instance, doctors now believe the ECS regulates our sleep patterns. It also appears the natural cannabinoids in the ECS help stabilize our mood, digestion, and appetite. 

Many recent studies suggest CBD can enhance the ECS by encouraging the reuptake of various beneficial chemicals. For instance, CBD appears to ramp up the production of serotonin and anandamide. Both of these chemicals play a crucial role in sleep and mood. “Ananda” literally means “joy” in Sanskrit, and you may have heard doctors refer to serotonin as the “happy neurotransmitter.” So, it’s safe to say boosting both of these chemicals can make getting through jet lag easier for travelers.

Many researchers also believe CBD could have a beneficial impact on sleep quality. While it’s unclear whether CBD directly influences our circadian rhythm, many placebo studies suggest CBD has anti-stress effects. CBD oils may help people settle into sleep by reducing anxiety later in the day — even when they’re trying to adjust to a different time zone.

Lastly, CBD oil is very popular for its anti-inflammatory properties. Traveling for long distances in a cramped airplane can easily cause stiff joints and back pain. Since CBD seems to reduce bodily inflammation, it can help travelers naturally manage aches & pains. If people use a CBD topical like Tribe’s Cool Therapy Cream, it can take a lot of tension out of traveling. 

How Do People Use Tribe CBD For Jet Lag?  

There’s no “technique” for taking CBD oil for jet lag. Everyone responds to CBD in unique ways, and the type of CBD you’re using will significantly influence its effects. For instance, if you’re taking one of Tribe’s CBD vegan gummies, you’ll feel more subtle effects over a longer period. By contrast, sublingual CBD oils tend to have a quicker and more noticeable impact on the ECS.

You should experiment with different CBD products at home well before your trip to see what works for you. Some customers find that using multiple CBD extracts at different times of the day has the best result on their jet lag symptoms. Also, please don’t forget that Tribe CBD offers specialized CBD shots that can help with sleep or energy. It might be worthwhile checking out these products for a more targeted impact on your next trip. 

Before Traveling With Tribe, Please Check Your Local Hemp Laws! 

CBD has a lot to offer global travelers, but not every country is accepting of hemp flowers. Please never assume your target destination is OK with CBD until you read through their local policies. There are plenty of nations that don’t distinguish between CBD hemp and marijuana, so it’s imperative you know the laws in your final destination before traveling.

For more details on the legality of flying with CBD oil, we’d suggest reading through Tribe CBD’s FAQ portal