CBD has become one of the top trending supplements amongst athletes. However, that doesn’t mean hemp extract is the only item gym rats are packing in their duffel bags. For instance, beetroot powder has become insanely popular with exercise enthusiasts. Many swear by chugging a bottle of beet juice before a jog to give them superhuman stamina. 

Interestingly, it’s also becoming common for people to mix a bit of high-quality CBD oil into their beet juice formula. This CBD-infused beverage might be the “secret elixir” for folks who want to take their fitness to the next level. 

How Can Beet Juice Help With Exercise?

No nutritionist will ever claim that fresh vegetables are a “bad” addition to a healthful diet. However, beetroots seem to have particular benefits for endurance athletes. 

Multiple studies suggest beet juice can provide extra stamina. Beets are well known for containing high amounts of nitrates, which seem to help improve blood flow & oxygen levels. In other words, the nitrates in beet juice may help your heart endure more strenuous workouts for longer amounts of time. 

Scientists at Maastricht University recently evaluated the effects of beet juice on a group of cyclists. Just six days after starting beet juice supplementation, researchers noticed that the cyclists could travel further in less time. Professors also noticed that the study participants didn’t need to use as much oxygen to achieve these impressive results. 

There’s also preliminary evidence that beet juice can be of great benefit for cognitive health. New findings from Wake Forest University suggest beet juice can boost blood flow to the brain. This finding may have significant implications for both improving focus and decreasing the risk of cognitive diseases.  

Why Would CBD Oil Enhance Beet Root Powder? 

Since beet juice seems to work well, you may wonder why anyone would add CBD oil. There’s no need to fix what’s not broken, right? 

While it’s true that beet juice may have fantastic effects, please remember CBD may have unique benefits that complement this drink. Unlike beet juice, CBD works on the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which may enhance beetroot’s effects without diminishing its potency. 

As the beet juice increases nitric oxide in your body, the CBD could exert its famous anti-inflammatory benefits. As mentioned in many other posts, CBD seems to decrease joint and muscle swelling, which is excellent news for athletes who struggle with DOMS. Adding CBD oil to a “power beet smoothie” is an easy way to take advantage of its anti-inflammatory benefits without disrupting your beet energy boost.  

Can’t Stand The Taste Of Beets? Check Out Tribe’s CBD Energy Shots 

The evidence in beet juice’s favor is overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean every athlete is a fan of this drink’s flavor. Even if customers recognize the benefits of beetroot, some can’t get over the taste of this veggie. So, what do people do if they want beet juice’s energizing effects without drinking it?

One possible solution is to check out Tribe CBD’s Energy Shots. These fruity shots have traces of high-quality hemp-extracted CBD mixed with green caffeine. Many customers claim CBD helps reduce the risk of experiencing caffeine-related jitters, which means you should enjoy a solid workout without getting extra anxious.

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