New customers are far more likely to hear about CBD’s effect on anxiety or joint pain rather than earaches. However, as people explore the many therapeutic uses of hemp extract, they may notice a few posts on putting CBD in or around their ears. Since CBD appears to be an all-natural anti-inflammatory, many people assume it may help reduce the severity of a standard earache.

However, just because CBD oil is an all-natural supplement doesn’t mean you should use it directly in your ears! True, CBD shows excellent potential for relieving achy ear symptoms, but there’s very little research into the safety of using this supplement as an ear drop. Please review the info below before using CBD as a DIY “ear pain remedy.”

Can CBD Oil Get Rid Of Ear Pain?  

At this time, it’s challenging to say whether CBD oil can relieve ear-related symptoms. Not only is the data in this field minimal, there are dozens of potential reasons people could be experiencing earaches. From tinnitus and TMJ-D to excessive wax and infections, it’s hard to say whether CBD will be effective for every ear-related issue. 

We can say that CBD oil shows excellent potential as an anti-inflammatory agent. Usually, issues that refer pain to the ears have some inflammatory element. For example, patients with jaw issues like TMJ disorder often experience ear pain as a side effect. As we mentioned in our post on using hemp for TMJ-D, CBD naturally reduces jaw tension and inflammation, which should minimize ear pain.

However, if a patient’s ear pain isn’t related to excessive stress or inflammation, it’s unlikely CBD oil will have a significant impact. For instance, if someone has an inner ear infection, CBD won’t get rid of the underlying issue. Also, if you have too much earwax buildup, you shouldn’t use CBD to help irrigate your ears. 

It’s imperative for patients struggling with ear pain to speak with a medical authority ASAP. Only a doctor can figure out why you have an earache and recommend the best treatment strategy. CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties may assist in the healing process, but it’s important to know what you’re up against before adding it to your routine.

Also, please ask your doctor whether it’s safe to use CBD oil as an adjunct therapy. CBD can affect the absorption of other medications, so you need to get the green light from your physician before using CBD. 

How Should People Use CBD Oil For Earaches? 

As you search for info on using CBD for earaches, you may run across a few blogs where people claim they put drops of this cannabinoid down their ear canals. Tribe CBD never recommends putting any of our products down your ears! There’s zero research into the safety of using CBD as an ear drop, and we don’t manufacture our products for this purpose.

Instead, we’d suggest taking CBD oil sublingually or eating our CBD gummies to experience a full-body sense of relaxation. You could also safely apply Tribe’s CBD topical to your jaw and neck to help relieve tension around your ears. Just don’t put any of our CBD Cooling Cream directly on your ears! 

Scientists may soon discover a safe way to incorporate CBD in an ear drop formula. As it stands today, it’s best to use CBD oil to reduce inflammation in your whole body by swallowing it. People who know they have ear pain because of TMJ-D may also want to consider rubbing a CBD topical on their jaw to relieve referred pain. While these methods won’t directly eliminate ear pain, they should help minimize the inflammation that often triggers earaches. 

Always Go With The Highest-Quality CBD Hemp!

Whatever reason you’re interested in CBD oil, please remember that low-quality products will produce poor effects. Even worse, some non-lab-tested CBD oils could cause unintended health issues. Hemp absorbs compounds like lead from the soil, which means heavy metals can turn up in unscreened CBD products. If manufacturers can’t provide you with detailed lab reports that show your CBD is clean, you must assume it’s not good.

Tribe CBD oil recognizes there are a ton of disreputable hemp vendors in today’s market. That’s why we only work with pre-screened hemp farmers committed to sustainable farming practices. We also publish all of our third-party lab results online so you can verify the purity of our items. Please check out this link to see what verified customers say about Tribe CBD products.