Ponce de León didn’t have CBD oil on his mind when he searched for the “Fountain of Youth.” However, recent studies suggest CBD may be the key to living a long life. 

No, we’re not saying that CBD will magically make you younger! CBD oil isn’t the “elixir of immortality,” but that doesn’t mean it can’t help with longevity. 

How Could CBD Increase A Person’s Lifespan? 

Since CBD wasn’t legalized till 2018, there aren’t any long-term clinical trials evaluating CBD’s effect on longevity. However, that hasn’t stopped some scientists from examining how CBD affects the lifespan of other animals.

For instance, one 2021 trial analyzed how CBD altered the lifespan of roundworms. Although this study primarily tracked CBD’s toxicity, it found that worms who took CBD lived 18 percent longer than those who didn’t get this cannabinoid. Even more impressive, the roundworms who took CBD had over 200 percent greater “late-stage life activity” versus their non-CBD counterparts. 

An interesting study from the University of Mississippi examined how CBD affected the offspring of pregnant zebrafish. They found that the zebrafish born to mothers with CBD exposure had higher survival rates and a lower risk for age-related liver diseases. 

The intricacies of how CBD works in these cases are still a mystery. It’s also unknown whether CBD will have similarly profound effects on an average human’s lifespan. 

However, scientists know that stress and inflammation contribute to many health conditions that decrease a person’s life expectancy. Many placebo-controlled studies show CBD has anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects. These two factors may help explain CBD’s positive impact on longevity. 

Don’t Forget About Using CBD For Life Quality! 

While living a long life is desirable, please remember that longevity doesn’t necessarily correlate with happiness. People could live a long time without the best quality of life. Thankfully, CBD may naturally reduce symptoms related to age-related issues, thus improving a patient’s mood as they age.

As already mentioned, CBD shows tremendous potential as a natural anti-stress supplement. Many patients also use CBD’s soothing properties to improve their sleep health. Since sleep is closely correlated with overall wellness, CBD’s sedative properties may significantly boost a patient’s sense of satisfaction. 

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may also help people with some pre-existing conditions. Most notably, a few trials show CBD helps people manage arthritis. So, as people age, a daily dose of CBD could keep inflammation in check. When people feel less physical pain, they report a greater quality of life. 

There’s also evidence that CBD may naturally increase blood flow to the hippocampus. This finding is significant for older patients as the hippocampus is closely associated with memory. Some scientists suggest CBD oil could play a role in preventing age-related memory disorders.

Please remember even if CBD doesn’t make patients live longer, there’s solid evidence it helps patients feel better. 

Remember: Rotten Hemp Could Reduce Your Lifespan! 

Please don’t assume that every CBD product will provide anti-aging benefits. Sure, CBD shows phenomenal potential, but there are a lot of subpar CBD oils on store shelves. Unfortunately, many CBD manufacturers don’t screen their products for heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents. If any of these toxins end up in your CBD gummies or tinctures, they’ll negatively affect your health.

Please only order from CBD brands like Tribe CBD that publish third-party lab results. These unbiased tests show our CBD oils, edibles, and creams live up to our advertised claims. Please learn more about Tribe CBD’s quality controls on this page.