When customers first experience the benefits of CBD oil, they can have a tough time containing their excitement. Heck, chances are you first heard about CBD from a friend, co-worker, or family member. “Hemp superfans” have even been known to buy a bulk shipment of their favorite CBD oils to give as birthday presents or holiday gifts.

However, just because one person has a great experience with CBD oil doesn’t mean it’s an excellent gift for everyone. True, CBD oil tends to have positive effects on healthy adults, but there are cases where giving away hemp products might not be the wisest choice. If you’re thinking of gifting Tribe CBD products, we’d suggest reviewing a few questions before grabbing your wrapping paper. 

Is CBD Safe To Give As A Gift? Consider Your Relative’s Health Requirements! 

CBD isn’t an ideal gift for people with pre-existing health issues. CBD is “generally regarded as safe” for healthy adults, but it can alter the absorption of different medications. Also, a few conditions aren’t well-suited for CBD supplements. 

Most notably, some studies suggest CBD oil isn’t good for glaucoma. While the psychoactive THC may temporarily decrease intraocular pressure (IOP), researchers believe CBD extract increases IOP. So, you should wait until we have more data on this issue before giving CBD to glaucoma patients. 

It’s also best to avoid giving CBD oils to people you know are already taking prescriptions. As we just mentioned, CBD may alter the effectiveness of common pills like warfarin. While many people use CBD to help manage various issues, it’s always safer for patients to talk with their doctor before experimenting with hemp. In these cases, Tribe CBD recommends talking with your friends about CBD rather than giving them a product. 

Does Your Friend Have Any Dietary Restrictions? 

Most mainstream diets like keto don’t have special restrictions on CBD oil. Many people in the keto community rave about adding our MCT-enriched CBD oil to their lifestyle. However, there may be a case where CBD oil clashes with dietary concerns.

It’s most likely a friend or family member may take issue with CBD gummies. Often, poor-quality CBD gummies have dozens of additives, globs of sugar, and unpronounceable artificial sweeteners. People on a restrictive diet probably won’t use CBD edibles with tons of secondary ingredients. 

If you want to give people CBD gummies, you have to ensure all of the ingredients in the third-party lab test are clean. Reputable companies like Tribe CBD always screen our CBD edibles to ensure they meet our high-quality standards. We also guarantee our CBD gummies have minimal traces of all-natural sugar and vegan-friendly ingredients. 

However, if you’re still nervous about giving your friend a CBD edible, we’d recommend sticking with CBD oils or topicals. These items tend to be the safer call if you know someone is on a diet. 

Don’t Give Human-Grade CBD Oil To A Pet!

Everyone has a different opinion on whether giving a pet as a present is OK. However, there’s no debate on what type of CBD you should give to a pet owner

Please never give human-grade CBD oils or edibles as gifts to a dog or cat. If a CBD extract wasn’t made with pets in mind, then there’s a risk it could have compounds that won’t agree with four-legged friends. Also, the dosages in pet-approved CBD oils are usually lower than human-grade CBD, which makes sense considering most pups aren’t as big as people! 

One Last “Topical Tip!” — Ease Into CBD With Skin-Safe Creams 

No matter how much customers praise CBD oils and capsules, some people are squeamish about putting “cannabis” in their bodies. Even though CBD doesn’t induce psychoactive effects, it still has an association with THC in the minds of some consumers. 

If you know someone that’s a bit “hemp hesitant,” you may want to consider a CBD topical. Unlike CBD oils and edibles, CBD topicals don’t go into the bloodstream. Instead, people put CBD creams on their skin for localized pain relief. Many people new to CBD will feel more comfortable using CBD topicals before taking CBD internally.

By the way, Tribe CBD now offers a CBD-enriched Cool Therapy Cream that’s perfect for common complaints like creaky joints and backaches. Consider adding this CBD product to your shopping list for that special someone! 0