Spiders, snakes, and sharks are associated with many popular phobias, but they aren’t the most prevalent fears. Interestingly, far more people are afraid of giving a public speech than these terrifying creatures. In fact, some surveys suggest more people fear public speaking than death. 

So, if you’re dreading an upcoming public event, please take comfort in the fact that you’re in good company. Also, you should know many all-natural tools and techniques can help make public speaking a little easier. 

For instance, did you know many scientists have studied CBD oil for social anxiety? There are even a few trials that suggest CBD may make it easier to take charge of a presentation. A dropperful of Tribe’s CBD oil may be all it takes to melt away stress before a public address. 

How Does CBD Help With Public Speaking?

The most widely-reported study on CBD for public speaking took place in São Paulo in 2011. In this trial, scientists examined stress biomarkers in a group of patients who had a social anxiety disorder. A few of these participants took CBD before giving a speech, while others took a placebo.

According to their findings, those in the CBD group had fewer measurable signs of stress (e.g., heartbeats per second, sweat, and blood pressure). Study authors also said those who took CBD didn’t report as much anxiety during their speech versus non-CBD participants. 

Japanese researchers confirmed these São Paulo results in a prominent 2019 Kyoto University trial. While this study didn’t examine public speaking, it tracked the effects of CBD on a group of students who had social anxiety disorder. Like the Brazilian trial, this more recent trial was placebo-controlled. Japanese researchers discovered those who took CBD oil had fewer complaints of stress during the trial period. 

Both of these trials strongly suggest CBD has natural anti-anxiety properties. However, doctors are still debating how CBD exerts its stress-relieving effects. Some studies suggest CBD can increase “feel-good” chemicals like anandamide and serotonin, both of which may reduce stress-signaling. It’s also believed CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may help patients with anxiety feel more grounded during a stressful experience. To bolster this second theory, a few studies suggest anxiety and inflammation are intertwined.

How Should People Take Tribe CBD Oil Before A Public Speech?

People who want to take CBD for social anxiety should be familiar with this supplement before a public speech. Although CBD is non-psychoactive, there are some cases where this cannabinoid could provoke side effects like digestive problems, headaches, or sleepiness. 

Everyone reacts to CBD differently depending on their endocannabinoid system, the CBD dosage, and the quality of their product. You should know the CBD oil dosage that helps control your anxiety without inducing fatigue. 

You must keep track of your CBD dosage levels weeks before your big event. Start with a microdose of CBD oil and increase by 10 mg per day to see how you feel. Your CBD dosage should make you feel a balance of stress relief and alertness. Please note this ideal level in your journal and stick with it before your speech.

Typically, if you’re swallowing CBD oil sublingually, it takes about 20 – 30 minutes to take full effect. Therefore, it’s ideal to take Tribe CBD oil about a half-hour before you plan to hit the stage.  

Combine Tribe CBD With CBT For Superstar Public Speaking Skills

CBD oil can work wonders, but it’s no replacement for professional mental health therapy. If you’re struggling with public speaking or social anxiety, it’s always best to use CBD oil with other tried & true treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, diet changes, and a regular exercise routine. We’d encourage everyone struggling with anxiety to speak with their health provider to figure out the optimal strategy to conquer stress. 

Also, please remember that CBD can interact with antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. So, if you’re already on prescriptions, you need to check with a doctor before giving Tribe CBD oil a try. To find out more about Tribe’s full-spectrum CBD oil, please follow this link.