People new to hemp often feel most comfortable testing a jar of CBD gummies. Compared with other CBD extracts, edibles taste way better, and they’re super discreet. Plus, CBD gummies have a more subdued impact on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The slower absorption rate in CBD gummies helps introduce this hemp cannabinoid without overwhelming a new user. 

While hemp-infused gummies are a phenomenal option for people with zero CBD experience, that doesn’t mean any old dose will do. First-time customers should know how to evaluate the ideal potency for a CBD gummy. 

What’s The Average Dose For A CBD Gummy?

There’s debate over how much CBD should be in a standard edible product. Honestly, so many variables could affect how much CBD is “just enough” for each customer. From metabolism and CBD tolerance to age and weight, tons of factors determine your ideal gummies dosage. 

However, CBD experts always claim you need more CBD in edibles to feel similar effects to a sublingual CBD oil. As hinted in the intro, CBD gummies go through the liver before entering your bloodstream. CBD oils can directly pass the blood-brain barrier thanks to your tongue’s sublingual glands. 

Therefore, whatever dose you’re comfortable taking with CBD gummies will be lower once you try a CBD oil or tincture. Also, there’s greater leeway with the max dosage for CBD edibles because you won’t absorb 100 percent of these products.

What does this mean for calculating an average CBD dosage? Nowadays, most CBD gummies contain about 10 – 20 mg of CBD per piece. However, Tribe CBD feels this average range is too stingy. To make up for the enzymatic activity in your liver, we’ve decided to put 30 mg of full-spectrum CBD in our vegan-friendly CBD gummies. 

Like our famous CBD oil, customers will enjoy dozens of secondary hemp cannabinoids and terpenes as they eat our CBD gummies. These extra hemp compounds may enhance CBD’s effectiveness due to the “entourage effect.” You could learn more about this theory in this previous Tribe CBD post

Is There Such A Thing As “Too Many” CBD Gummies? 

As we mentioned in our previous blog, “Can You OD on CBD?,” CBD’s “toxic dose” is around 20,000 mg. So, while it’s possible to overdose on CBD, it’s unlikely. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience side effects while taking CBD products — especially gummies. 

Please remember that CBD gummies take longer to hit your ECS versus CBD oils and tinctures. For this reason, it’s more likely customers will abuse CBD edibles early on and experience adverse reactions later in the day. There are a few cases where consumers eat too many CBD gummies and report severe reactions like headaches, digestive upset, or nausea. 

To avoid this scenario, you must keep a dosage journal when taking any new CBD product. Please start with just one of our CBD gummies and increase by one per day till you feel the results you’re looking for. You may also want to split your CBD dosage into two or three sessions to avoid taking too much of this cannabinoid in one go.   

New To CBD? Test Tribe’s CBD Vegan Gummies!

Although Tribe CBD is proud of our award-winning full-spectrum CBD oil, we understand this hemp extract isn’t suitable for all customers or situations. If you’re searching for a more subtle and discreet way to dose CBD, you should look at Tribe’s CBD vegan gummies. Made with just a hint of all-natural sweeteners, these watermelon-flavored edibles deliver a phenomenal burst of CBD. 

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