Both enlarged prostate and prostate cancer are prevalent health issues for men. Recent Yale statistics suggest at least half of American men will have benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) when they reach their 50s. The American Cancer Society also estimates one in 41 men now die from prostate cancer.

Although CBD will never replace medical screenings and prescriptions, some men have argued a bit of hemp extract may help with prostate-related conditions. Some preliminary data suggests CBD may play an important role in managing BPH and even prostate cancer. However, before we go over this advice, please remember these findings aren’t screened by the FDA, nor should they be taken as official medical advice.

Does CBD Oil Help Men With Prostate Issues? 

Like so many other conditions, there are no clinical trials examining CBD oil for prostate health. However, Italian researchers in Pozzuoli recently tested CBD on prostate cancer cells in vitro. According to these initial findings, CBD seems to have a powerful effect on cancerous cells. Just keep in mind this initial test wasn’t a clinical trial, so it’s impossible to say how CBD oil would affect cancer patients. 

Some people also believe CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may help naturally reduce BPH and prostatitis. Most medical authorities believe inflammation is at the root of these prostate conditions. Since many studies show CBD has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, it may help reduce prostate enlargement. 

Again, it’s essential to remember that there’s no conclusive evidence CBD oil positively affects BPH or prostatitis. Although there are anecdotal testimonies suggesting CBD helps men with these conditions, we’ll have to wait for further scientific evidence. 

How Should Guys Use CBD Oil For An Enlarged Prostate? 

First off, if men want to use CBD for prostate health, they must speak with their doctor. It’s critically important for men taking medications to talk with a doctor before using hemp products. There’s evidence CBD can influence the absorption of other prescriptions, so you should double-check if it’s safe to add CBD oil to your treatment routine. 

Once you have a physician’s approval, you must choose a CBD oil with a third-party lab screening. Only CBD products with lab-verified results can tell you what you’re getting in your CBD oil. To see what a third-party lab result looks like, check out this page on Tribe CBD oil. 

Finally, you must start with the lowest recommended dose of CBD on your first day. Make a note of how CBD makes you feel at that dose, and only increase by about 10 mg per day till you feel the results you want. If your doctor has any specific dosing recommendations, please follow their advice. 

So, Could CBD Potentially Improve Prostate Care? 

CBD may never become the “standard cure” for prostate-related conditions, but it has the potential to manage issues like BPH, prostatitis, and prostate cancer. At the very least, it appears CBD oil can work as an adjunct therapy to help patients reduce their symptoms.

Keep in mind that studies into CBD oil for prostate health are very new. Although Tribe CBD believes in the healing power of hemp, we always advise speaking with a doctor for expert guidance. Please ask whether CBD could make a difference in your wellness program.