Reality check: CBD oil doesn’t taste like an ice cream sundae. Indeed, one of the most common complaints surrounding CBD extracts is that they taste bitter and grassy. Some people are so averse to CBD oil’s flavors that they refuse to use this product. 

While CBD oil could taste bad, it’s not always unpleasant to take this cannabinoid. Not only are there ways you could mask a CBD oil’s harsh notes, there are plenty of flavored CBD products on today’s market. However, before we go over how you could cover up CBD’s flavors, we should explain why CBD oil often tastes so bitter. 

Why Does CBD Oil Stink Sometimes? 

The main reason CBD oil has a “grassy” taste has a lot to do with chlorophyll. As gardeners should already know, chlorophyll is what makes plants like cannabis healthy and green. This chemical is also responsible for the flavors we most associate with grass.

Usually, if a CBD oil has a lot of earthy notes, it has a higher percentage of chlorophyll. This is especially common in the least refined CBD extracts. For instance, full-spectrum CBD oils—especially crude hemp extract—will have more chlorophyll versus broad-spectrum or CBD isolate. Indeed, CBD isolate should have zero flavor since it’s ~ 99 percent CBD. 

However, it’s not just chlorophyll that could be affecting your CBD oil’s taste. For instance, CBD tinctures use alcohol as their primary solvent. Alcohol has a “fiery” taste on its own, so it will ramp up the harsh notes in your extract. People who want a smoother CBD experience should always look for an oil that uses a non-alcohol-based extraction method.

As a final word of warning, your CBD oil could taste rancid due to poor quality ingredients. Please always get a third-party lab result with your CBD extract to ensure there aren’t any nasty compounds like heavy metals contributing to its unpleasant aromas.  

How Do You Make CBD Oil Taste Better?

If you want to dial down CBD oil’s bitter taste, there are a few sneaky ways you could incorporate this cannabinoid into your diet. For instance, many people add CBD oil to their favorite flavored beverage. Whether you enjoy fruit juice, coffee, or tea, it’s easy to swirl a little CBD in your drink.

You could also experiment with “chasing” your CBD oil with a fruity drink. For instance, after you hold your dose of CBD oil sublingually for about 15 seconds, immediately follow up with a swig of juice. The sweet fruit drink should help wash away any lingering bitterness from CBD oil. 

If all else fails, look for flavored CBD oils or alternative products like edibles. However, if you’re going to order these flavored items, please be extra careful that manufacturers aren’t adding a ton of unnecessary additives. Unfortunately, it’s common for companies to use tons of sugar and questionable fillers when concocting flavorful CBD oils, tinctures, and edibles.  

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