Stomach ulcers may not get as much press as back pain or arthritis, but they are a significant source of pain in the USA. In fact, medical experts estimate that at least one in ten Americans will experience the painful effects of a peptic ulcer at least once during their lives. 

Although there are many prescription and OTC therapies for ulcers, some patients have begun incorporating CBD oil into their wellness routine. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, many customers believe it should reduce ulcer-related pain and speed up healing. 

So, what does the research have to say about CBD for ulcers?

CBD & Stomach Health — The Latest Findings On CBD For Ulcers

Interestingly, a few studies suggest CBD has a positive impact on ulcers. Most notably, researchers at China’s Sichuan University tested a CBD oral spray on rats with ulcers in their mouths. Scientists found that CBD directly influenced the body’s immune response, thus speeding up ulcer recovery. 

Further research out of Egypt’s National Research Center suggested the endocannabinoid system (ECS) may play a role in regulating stomach acid. Since cannabis-derived cannabinoids influence the ECS, they could play a role in balancing the gut’s pH, which should reduce the risk for peptic ulcers. However, researchers involved in this trial were more interested in delta-9 THC than CBD. 

While we need more research on how CBD directly influences ulcers, these preliminary findings suggest it has potential. 

Are There Secondary Benefits Of Using CBD For Ulcers?

It may take years before we know CBD’s impact on stomach ulcers. However, there’s a great deal of evidence that CBD oil could help manage many of the symptoms related to this painful condition. 

Indeed, one reason people gravitate towards CBD oil is its anti-pain properties. Many trials suggest taking CBD internally or externally could reduce swelling. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties should help decrease the severity of ulcers and promote a faster recovery. 

Customers should also remember that CBD oil has natural anti-anxiety properties. Indeed, one of the leading reasons people try CBD for the first time is to decrease stress. Many scientific reports show there’s a psychological component related to ulcers. If a person is stressed, they’re more likely to develop a peptic ulcer. Therefore, if CBD could reduce anxiety levels, there should be a lower risk someone would experience an ulcer in the first place. 

So, Could Tribe CBD Treat Your Peptic Ulcers? 

We can’t say Tribe CBD oil will “treat” stomach ulcers. However, recent scientific evidence strongly suggests CBD positively affects this common ailment. If you’re struggling with recurring peptic ulcers, you should consider adding Tribe CBD to your routine. CBD probably won’t cure your ulcers, but it may help reduce symptoms and speed up recovery.

Just be sure to get the all-clear from your primary care physician before mixing Tribe CBD oil with prescription medications. There are some cases where CBD could adversely interact with other meds. It would be best if you got an OK from your doctor before experimenting with CBD for ulcers.