Like eating vegetables or going to the gym, meditation is one of those things everyone knows is good for them…and yet it’s so difficult to do it! No matter how many studies confirm the health benefits of daily meditation, something always seems to prevent us from actually getting into a “mindfulness routine.” 

It can be a struggle for many new meditators to sit still for as little as 10 minutes. Considering how hectic modern life is, it’s no wonder we can’t get our monkey minds to settle down with the breath! 

Thankfully, CBD oil may provide a “cheat code” for people who are new to meditation. While Tribe CBD oil probably won’t make you an enlightened yogi, it could make it easier to establish a reliable meditation practice for your long-term health goals. 

How Could CBD Oil Enhance Your Meditation?

Many new meditators say CBD oil helps them feel extra “serene” during their session. There are a few reasons CBD seems to help people naturally settle down, but the primary explanation has to do with its anti-stress properties. A few trials now show that a moderate dose of CBD oil could have a major impact on anxiety.

As mentioned in previous blog posts, researchers in Japan and Brazil recently studied CBD’s effectiveness against social anxiety disorder (SAD). Patients involved in these trials took either CBD oil capsules or placebo pills. Impressively, those who took CBD had fewer signs of stress and a better self-reported mood. 

Nobody’s sure how CBD works for anxiety-related conditions, but many scientists believe it helps stimulate the reuptake of “feel-good” chemicals like anandamide and serotonin. People who have conditions like anxiety or depression often have deficient levels of these natural compounds. 

Obviously, lower stress levels could help dampen overactive thinking during a meditation session. Plus, since CBD is non-psychoactive, there’s no risk meditators will feel “dazed” during their mindfulness training. Many meditators claim CBD helps them focus more on their breath rather than distracting thoughts. 

In addition to CBD’s anti-stress properties, this cannabinoid also may reduce bodily inflammation. People who have physical complaints like arthritis may find it challenging to sit in meditation for long periods of time. A tiny dose of CBD oil may reduce aches and pains, which could make it easier for people to sit in meditation for longer durations. 

How Do People Use CBD Oil For Meditation? 

If you’re taking Tribe CBD oil sublingually (i.e., under your tongue), you should plan to take it a few minutes before your meditation session. Since our sublingual glands absorb CBD directly into the bloodstream, it doesn’t take long for CBD oil to have an impact. Many people report feeling CBD’s calming effects within just 15 minutes.

On the other hand, people using CBD gummies may need to take them 30 or 45 minutes before their scheduled meditation session. Unlike tinctures or oils, CBD gummies take longer to enter the bloodstream. Also, after these edibles pass through the liver, the total CBD percentage entering your system will be slightly lower. Generally, the effects of CBD gummies are longer-lasting, but they’re more subtle than CBD oils taken sublingually.

You also have to be careful about dosing your CBD before meditation. You’ll likely experience a more sedating CBD experience if you take high doses of Tribe CBD oil. So, if you don’t want to doze off during your meditation training, stick with low or moderate amounts of CBD oil. 

Use Tribe CBD As A Part Of Your Holistic Healing Routine

CBD and meditation have phenomenal health benefits, but they aren’t “quick fixes.” Generally, people who experience the most positive effects with CBD oil or meditation work them into their daily routines. Also, don’t forget that other habits like hydration, healthy eating, and regular fitness will all contribute to greater success on your meditation cushion.

By the way, if CBD doesn’t seem to be helping you get into meditation, consider researching Tribe CBD’s new CBG capsules. Some customers find the non-psychoactive CBG cannabinoid works better for their endocannabinoid system.