E-commerce is a godsend for many CBD customers. Although it’s getting easier to find CBD in brick-and-mortar locations, you’ll always find a broader range of hemp products on the Internet. Plus, since all of these transactions happen online, you don’t have to leave the comforts of home to get a steady supply of CBD.

However, many customers are concerned about the relative lack of transparency in online CBD stores. Heck, it’s tricky to determine the quality of CBD when in an IRL store! How can people tell if a product is legit if they can’t physically inspect it? 

While it may not be as simple to assess a virtual CBD shop versus a physical store, everyone could use three key strategies to get a good feel for an online store’s reputation. 

Don’t Settle For CBD Without Third-Party Lab Testing 

Please make a note of this tip: Never buy CBD online if you can’t get third-party lab results. Everyone in the hemp business knows the FDA doesn’t screen CBD supplements. Therefore, if a CBD company wants to prove its transparency, it must send its products to third-party labs for a thorough analysis. 

If your CBD products don’t come with one of these Certificates of Analysis, you’re missing crucial safety info about your product. For instance, does your CBD oil have the legal ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC? Also, did the CBD extractors filter out harmful toxins like heavy metals and pesticides? 

Currently, the only way to resolve all of these issues is for CBD companies to send their products to third-party labs for tests. If a hemp company doesn’t provide verifiable lab results, you shouldn’t even bother with that brand. 

Does Your Hemp Shop Have Certifications?

Along with third-party lab tests, high-quality CBD companies should have official accreditations and a track record for success. These features provide a hemp business with extra credibility, transparency, and reliability. 

Be sure to ask if companies have a partnership with organizations like the US Hemp Growers Association or the USDA. You could also ask where companies source their hemp and how farmers treat their CBD flowers. 

The longer history and the more positive connections a CBD company has, the better.

Take A Peek At Hemp Message Boards

Let’s be real: You’re probably going to look at what other customers have to say before researching the two tips above. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! Looking up online reviews on sites like TrustPilot and Reddit is a great way to get a feel for a brand’s reputation. 

However, we’d caution against relying too heavily on Internet reviews. Unfortunately, there are many ways companies or competitors can skew online results in their favor. The most objective way to review a CBD company is to prioritize third-party lab results. Only these tests will give you a clear look into the chemical composition of your hemp products. 

So, Should You Trust Tribe’s CBD Oil? 

As you scan Tribe CBD’s website, we’re confident you’ll see our commitment to high-quality standards and transparency. We publish all of our latest Certificates of Analysis online so customers can inspect the quality of our CBD products. Our team also works with only the finest hemp farmers and extractors to produce the cleanest CBD imaginable.

To find out more about why Tribe CBD is such a highly trusted name in the hemp industry, please read more about our history on this link.