No matter how diligent you are with your brushing routine, it’s common to experience canker sores a few times each year. Recent data suggests at least one in five Americans report frequent issues with these painful mouth ulcers every year. Although canker sores typically go away in about a week, they can make life unbearably uncomfortable — especially during mealtime. 

Time is the best medicine for canker sores, but there are a few people who claim CBD oil could speed up the healing process. There are now dozens of people who strongly believe a simple dab of Tribe CBD oil could reduce the time you spend suffering with this condition. Interestingly, there’s even some scientific evidence to back up these wild claims.

So, Can CBD Oil Cure Canker Sores? 

First off, customers should recognize there’s not enough evidence to say CBD will “cure” canker sores. However, a few trials strongly suggest CBD may play a positive role in ramping up recovery from this condition. 

For starters, scientists at Sichuan University examined the effects of CBD oil on a group of rats with oral ulcers. Impressively, this study strongly suggested daily doses of CBD helped decrease pain and swelling related to ulcers. Study authors believe CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects on the endocannabinoid system may play a role in these positive results.

Researchers at the University of Uberaba also recently published fascinating results on CBD’s effect on periodontitis. While this mice trial didn’t focus on CBD’s effect on canker sores, it strongly suggested CBD promotes gum and bone health. Arguably, improving overall oral health should decrease the likelihood of canker sores. 

Most researchers claim CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects could help tame a canker sore’s severity. However, it’s worth mentioning some studies suggest heightened levels of stress could trigger canker sores. Since CBD seems to have anti-anxiety properties, it may reduce the incidence and severity of these painful ulcers. 

How Should People Use Tribe CBD For Canker Sores? 

There’s no guide to using CBD oil for canker sores, so customers will have to feel comfortable experimenting with a few methods. Of course, you could simply take your CBD oil sublingually to take advantage of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. 

However, some people recommend putting a tiny bit of Tribe CBD oil on a cotton swab and dabbing it on the canker sore. It’s debatable whether this second method will reduce the pain associated with canker sores, but some swear it’s an effective technique.

For an extra clean brushing routine, many customers love putting a few drops of Tribe CBD oil on their toothpaste. As mentioned in our post “Cannabidiol for Cavities,” CBD may exert anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects on your gums. 

While this doesn’t mean CBD is a replacement for toothpaste, mouthwash, and flossing, it may help reduce a canker sore if you’ve already got one. 

It’s Not So Crazy To Use CBD For Canker Sores!

You may not see “aphthous ulcers” listed in ads for CBD oil, but there’s emerging evidence that this hemp cannabinoid can soothe canker sores. Just be sure to use a high-quality third-party lab-tested product like Tribe’s CBD oil for the best chance of success.

Whether you take Tribe CBD oil internally or add it to your toothpaste, there’s a chance it may help you recover from those annoying canker sores.