CBD is all the rage these days. You can find products just about anywhere, from dispensaries to health foods stores, finding CBD can be fairly easy in 2022. One of the most popular types of CBD products are CBD edibles, and more specifically gummies. But have you ever considered making CBD gummies at home? 

One of the biggest perks of making your own CBD gummies at home is that you can make sure you are using high-quality ingredients. Read on to learn more about doing it yourself and making CBD gummies at home. 

What Is CBD?

CBD is one of many naturally occurring compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants called cannabinoids. Unlike another well-known cannabinoid known as THC, CBD is not psychoactive and should not create intoxicating feelings. But CBD can affect the brain and body. Many people use CBD to help them relax, relieve pain, sleep better, stimulate the appetite and more

What Are CBD Gummies?

There are many different types of CBD products available and one of the most popular are CBD edibles. CBD gummies are probably the most popular type of CBD edible. CBD gummies are versatile and come in a wide variety of flavors, shapes, colors and concentrations. CBD gummies are typically chewy, sweet candies infused with cannabidiol. 

CBD gummies are also one of the easiest types of CBD edibles to make at home. To make CBD gummies at home you need to key ingredients: CBD and gelatin. 

Can You Make CBD Gummies at Home?

Making CBD gummies at home can be simple. You need a few key ingredients and then you can get creative. 

To make CBD gummies at home, you need high-quality CBD oil, gelatin and then whatever you want to add for flavor like fruit juices, sweeteners like honey and colorants if you choose. Making CBD gummies at home can also be fun when trying silicone molds, but you can always use a shallow ice tray too. Simply put, making CBD gummies at home consists of heating the gelatin and mixing it with your CBD oil, as well as any extra ingredients you choose.

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