Need a great-tasting way to get a hydration boost? Eat more watermelon! Like most members of the cucumber family, watermelons are loaded with, well, water! Plus, there are many easy ways to jazz up this fruit’s juice in mocktail recipes.

In this post, we’ll share one way you could enjoy some fruity “margarita vibes” without sacrificing your work performance. In fact, since this drink is so hydrating, it’ll probably boost your productivity. Plus, with an extra dose of Tribe CBD oil, this drink is sure to keep you calm as you rehydrate.

CBD Virgin Watermelon Margarita Recipe  

Hydration & Hemp…But No High! — Tribe's CBD Virgin Watermelon Margarita

Unlike tomatoes or avocados, most people don’t get into heated debates regarding watermelon’s “fruit vs. vegetable” status. Since watermelons taste so sweet and are full of seeds, they have to be fruits, right?

Interestingly, a few people claim watermelons share many traits with veggies. In fact, Oklahoma recently voted to make watermelon its official “state vegetable.”

Arguably, this confusion has to do with how watermelons are grown. Since watermelons are technically “gourd” plants, they grow very similar to many vegetables. Therefore, farmers who cultivate watermelons have to use veggie techniques to grow these crops.

While it’d be tough to argue that watermelons are 100 percent vegetable, it’s certainly worth remembering if you’re ever going to start growing this crop…or if you’re visiting Oklahoma!


  • Handful of fresh watermelon cubes
  • ½ oz lime juice
  • 1 – 2 teaspoons agave syrup
  • 1 dropperful Tribe CBD oil
  • Sparkling water, to top


  • Blitz watermelon cubes in a blender
  • Strain watermelon purée through a fine-mesh strainer into a chilled serving glass
  • Add lime juice, agave, and Tribe CBD oil
  • Top with sparkling water

If you’re an extra curious foodie, you may want to experiment with cooking watermelon rinds. As crazy as it may sound, every part of the watermelon is edible. Many chefs add watermelon rinds to cooked meals or pickle them in vinegar, sugar, and water.

Interestingly, watermelon rinds may have more beneficial nutrients than this fruit’s sweet flesh. For instance, watermelon rinds have high concentrations of the amino acid l-citrulline, which may help naturally manage blood pressure. There are also a few studies that suggest l-citrulline could be an all-natural substitute for Viagra.

Unsurprisingly, these rinds have high traces of fiber, which is always good news. Considering most Americans don’t eat enough fiber every day, adding a few watermelon rinds to your diet could be a great way to improve health.

Be sure to look up recipes for pickled watermelon rinds to get the most use out of your fruit.

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