No matter how much you hate shoveling snow, we bet the Snow Cap cocktail will slap a smile on your face. Whatever the weather is like, mixing a Snow Cap is a fantastic way to, well, “cap” your day. This pure white drink has all the hallmarks of a creamy dessert cocktail…plus a generous dropperful of Tribe’s CBD oil.

That’s right; our hemp extract blends in well with this delicious nighttime treat. Just a pinch of our American-grown hemp extract can make this cold drink extra chill.

CBD Snow Cap Recipe

Whether It’s Snowy Or Sunny, Sip Tribe’s CBD Snow Cap Cocktail!

Surprisingly, the Snow Cap cocktail doesn’t have any chocolate liqueur in it. Indeed, given its use of heavy cream and powdered sugar, this Snow Cap resembles a snow-capped mountain rather than the iconic Sno-Cap candies.

However, it would make perfect sense to add a few of these chocolate nonpareils to your serving tray, especially if you’re entertaining a crowd. The sweet notes of bourbon and sugar should compliment a few semi-sweet candies.

By the way, did you know “nonpareil” is a French term? Do you know what it means?

Interestingly, “nonpareil” translates to “without equal.” Apparently, confectioners started using this word because the sprinkles on candies like Sno-Caps were so original.

Be sure to impress your friends with this trivia as you’re serving your Snow Cap cocktail!


  • 1 ½ oz bourbon
  • 2 oz heavy cream
  • ½ oz triple sec
  • 2 tsp powdered sugar
  • one dropperful Tribe CBD oil
  • Ground nutmeg, optional


  • Fill a snifter glass with crushed ice
  • Pour bourbon, heavy cream, triple sec, powdered sugar, and Tribe CBD oil into a shaking glass
  • Add ice and shake for a few seconds
  • Strain drink into the snifter glass
  • Top with nutmeg, if desired

As you’ll notice, we recommend putting your Snow Cap cocktail in a unique glass known as a snifter. If you haven’t seen one of these glasses before, envision a wide-bottomed glass with a short stem and a narrow ridge. Or, of course, you could Google an image to see what we’re talking about!

Ironically, one of the core features behind snifters is that drinkers heat their liquor with their hands. Since the stem is short, it forces people to cup the glass in their hands.

Also, since snifters have such a narrow ridge, they help trap any aromatics that come wafting up from your brandy. Hence, it’s easy to “sniff” your beverage before drinking it.

While all of these features may not make sense for a drink like the Snow Cap, they will once you pour your drink. Everyone serves this drink in snifters because it makes the Snow Cap look like a snowball!

Of course, there’s no law saying you can’t serve a Snow Cap in another glass. However, it probably won’t have as much “Instagram appeal.”

Cool Down With Tribe CBD’s Cold Therapy Cream

Snowy scenes are delightful to look at, but they’re a literal pain to shovel! If you’re living in a chilly region, you know all too well the aches & pains of winter. Thankfully, CBD could provide some relief from these “strains of the season.”

Multiple trials suggest topical CBD can relieve joint inflammation. Indeed, researchers at the University of Kentucky recently found that transdermal CBD helped mice with knee arthritis.

To learn more about using CBD topically, we’d recommend checking out Tribe CBD’s Cold Therapy Cream.