Even in states with relaxed cannabis policies, lawmakers won’t stand for drugged driving. Often, if police catch people driving with THC in their bloodstream, drivers could face an automatic DUI charge. 

When new hemp customers hear about these harsh driving laws, they may assume it’s only safe to take CBD oil when they don’t plan to drive. CBD is related to the cannabis plant, so it must impact motor function — or does it? 

Interestingly, there’s already some high-quality research examining CBD’s impact on driving. According to the latest data, broad-spectrum CBD oil is nowhere near as dangerous as THC-containing products. 

Will CBD Oil Affect Your Driving Ability? 

One of the best studies into CBD’s effect on driving occurred at the University of Maastricht in The Netherlands. For this trial, over 20 people were told to vape one of three cannabis samples or a placebo. Each of the cannabis vape carts had 13.75 mg of cannabinoids, but one had just THC, another had THC and CBD, and the third only contained CBD. 

Researchers then asked the study participants to drive on a highway for about one hour. The study participants’ cars had cameras on them to help monitor lane weaving. After each driving test, the scientists asked participants to rate their confidence on the road and take a blood sample. 

The drivers who took either THC or the THC/CBD combo had the worst driving scores. Shortly after taking THC, study participants had driving patterns reminiscent of someone who was just under the legal limit for blood-alcohol content. 

But what about those who only took CBD extract? According to the study authors, there was no difference between the CBD and placebo drivers. Even immediately after vaping CBD, there was no evidence this cannabinoid affected the person’s driving ability. 

While this study was small, it suggests THC is the main culprit for poor driving performance. As long as drivers are taking low doses of THC-free CBD oil, there’s a minimal chance it will significantly impact motor skills.

Could CBD Oil Trigger A DUI Reading? 

Cannabis DUI screenings are solely interested in THC. So, if you’re using a CBD product that has zero traces of THC, there’s no need to worry about THC appearing on a drug test. Also, since broad-spectrum CBD doesn’t seem to affect driving performance, it’s unlikely an officer will pull you over. 

However, if you’re using a full-spectrum CBD oil, there’s a chance THC could appear on drug tests. Unlike broad-spectrum CBD oils, full-spectrum products could contain ≤ 0.3 percent THC. Since THC is fat-soluble and has such a long half-life, this tiny amount of THC could wind up on a standard drug screening. 

So, Is Tribe’s CBD Driver-Friendly? 

Tribe CBD produces only the best quality CBD oil. We also send our CBD oils to third-party labs to verify you won’t be exposed to any THC before hitting the roads. 

However, we caution new customers to first experiment with our CBD oils in a controlled setting. Although CBD is non-psychoactive, some people can have adverse reactions to this cannabinoid. Most notably, CBD can make some people feel drowsy at higher doses, which is not good before driving! After you know how different amounts of CBD oil affect you, it should be easier to drive with this cannabinoid.