If you look into the etymology of “obsession,” you’ll find it’s derived from the Latin term meaning “to besiege.” Those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can probably understand why modern psychologists use this word to describe this condition. For the 2 – 3 million Americans who struggle with OCD, it can feel like thoughts and behaviors “besiege” their mind without warning. 

Although exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy seem to help OCD patients, many people are searching for all-natural treatments to complement their recovery. Since CBD has become so popular in the wellness space, those living with OCD have started using it for symptom management. But does that mean CBD is effective for managing OCD? 

Why Would CBD Oil Help OCD Patients? 

To be honest, most of the best placebo-controlled trials examining CBD for mental health focus on social anxiety disorder (SAD). As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, researchers in Brazil and Japan found that CBD oil reduces SAD symptoms better than placebos. A few preliminary trials also suggest CBD has anti-stress properties that may influence generalized anxiety disorder. 

There aren’t major trials examining how these anti-anxiety properties spill over into OCD. However, one study out of Washington State University found that cannabis strains with higher amounts of CBD had a positive impact on OCD patients. Overall, over half of the people who took cannabis during this trial said they experienced fewer compulsions after marijuana use. 

Remember that WSU’s study used cannabis extracts, not hemp flowers. Unlike hemp, marijuana could have over 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. Although delta-9 THC is outlawed at the federal level, many states now allow residents to purchase recreational or medical marijuana. 

So, at this point, it’s unclear how much CBD isolate contributes to OCD symptom relief. However, given all of this preliminary data, it seems like CBD should positively affect an OCD patient’s state of mind. 

CBD may also work synergistically with other cannabinoids to produce heightened benefits (aka the “entourage effect”). At the very least, it’s safe to say CBD has a good chance of reducing overall anxiety levels, which may make it easier for OCD patients to focus their attention away from distressing thoughts and compulsions. 

Is It Safe For OCD Patients To Experiment With CBD? 

CBD is generally safe for healthy adults, but it’s always important to check with a physician before picking up a new supplement. OCD patients on medications like SSRIs should never take hemp products without a doctor’s approval. CBD oil can alter the effectiveness of other prescriptions.

After discussing CBD oil with your doctor, please focus on CBD products with a high reputation for quality standards and third-party lab results. If you order CBD extracts without Certificates of Analysis, there’s a good chance they could have heightened traces of THC or contaminants. 

It’s also imperative for OCD patients to write down their daily dose of CBD oil and record any symptoms they notice. Even though CBD is non-psychoactive, it’s not risk-free. Some people experience side effects like drowsiness, diarrhea, and nausea after introducing CBD to their system. Please start with a low amount of CBD to avoid shocking your system.

The best way to make sure you are safely using CBD is to check that your product is trustworthy and reliable. That’s why Tribe CBD keeps our third-party lab test results in an easy-to-find place on our website. So that when you buy Tribe CBD, you know you are buying the best!