Since CBD doesn’t produce a psychedelic experience, many customers assume it’s safe for daily consumption. Indeed, many CBD oil manufacturers print a “suggested daily dosage” on their bottles. 

While CBD doesn’t pose as many risks as psychoactive cannabinoids, customers shouldn’t guzzle tons of CBD without worrying about the consequences. There are a few considerations customers must keep in mind if they plan on taking CBD every day.  

Can Customers Safely Take CBD Every Day?

For most healthy adults, it’s OK to take low to moderate doses of CBD oil every day. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared CBD is “generally recognized as safe” for adults without pre-existing conditions. Also, the WHO says CBD shows little potential for being an addictive or toxic substance. 

However, just because CBD seems to be safe for most patients doesn’t mean it’s always a wise option for daily use. For instance, it’s never a good idea for people to use poor quality & non-tested CBD products every day. Also, patients who have a medical condition or who are taking medications may not be able to take CBD at all.

Please remember that CBD can influence the absorption of other supplements and prescription pills. People on a specific treatment regimen must speak with their doctor before experimenting with CBD oils. 

Even if you’re a healthy adult, CBD could trigger an allergic reaction or side effects. We all respond to CBD differently, so starting with a low dose of this supplement is imperative. 

There’s also a chance people could develop a tolerance to CBD tinctures over time. The more CBD you take over an extended period, the more likely you’ll need a greater CBD dosage to achieve similar results. For this reason, many daily CBD users advocate “microdosing.” Customers may find that deliberately small doses of CBD will provide noticeable benefits and decrease the likelihood of developing a tolerance. 

How Much CBD Is OK For Daily Use? 

There’s no special formula for figuring out your ideal daily CBD dosage. Indeed, if you use multiple CBD products, you may have to figure out different “dosages” that work for your body. 

There are so many factors that influence CBD’s effects, which makes it impossible to give a precise “one-size-fits-all” CBD dosage chart. For instance, a patient’s weight and metabolism could influence how much CBD they need to get results. Also, distinct CBD categories like edibles, oils, and hemp flowers work differently on the endocannabinoid system. 

The best way customers could figure out their best CBD dosage is to keep detailed notes of their daily CBD milligram count and any effects they notice. Start with the lowest recommended dose and gradually ramp up this dosage until you find what works for you.

Tribe CBD guarantees that our CBD products are of the highest quality. Our lab test results are easy to find on our website because we are not only transparent, but proud about what’s in our products!