While our award-winning Full Spectrum CBD Oil is one of our most popular products, some prefer to add CBD to their daily routine with Tribe CBD Gummies. Quick to consume, discreet, and delicious, it’s easy to see why so many people are fans of our gummies. Made with all natural ingredients and infused with 30mg Tribe Full Spectrum CBD Oil, these edibles are a tasty way to sneak cannabidiol into even the busiest schedules. 

Unfortunately, since CBD gummies have become so popular, a lot of low-quality CBD edibles have entered the market. Whether they are loaded with extra sweeteners, not accompanied by certified lab tests, or simply not legit, those products are not the best that money can buy. With so many different products on the market, it’s often difficult to discern which CBD edibles are authentic. That’s why Tribe CBD is dedicated to providing you with legitimate, effective, and delicious CBD gummies. 

Be Diligent About Extra Sweeteners In Your CBD Gummies

Be wary of secondary ingredients in any kind of CBD edibles. Of course hemp companies want their edibles to taste good, so it’s not unheard of for some to add high amounts of artificial flavors or sweeteners. Apprehension about this is valid, especially for customers who adhere to a specific diet, such as vegans and vegetarians. Ideally, a CBD edible’s ingredient list should be simple and easy to find. The same goes for any CBD product’s third-party lab results. 

Tribe CBD gummies are all-natural, low in sugar, and vegan-friendly. They are infused with natural flavors, so, for example, our watermelon gummies are packed with a vibrant, organic watermelon taste. Consuming cannabidiol has never been so sweet!

Look At The Third-Party Lab Results

As with any CBD product, all CBD gummies should be accompanied by third-party lab testing results. This is important not only to verify what exactly you are ingesting, but also to make sure that the CBD edibles you are consuming are federal legal. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, all CBD products must contain less than 0.3% THC. Of course, all Tribe CBD Edibles adhere to this. 

A product’s lab results will also show you the percentage of secondary cannabinoids and terpenes it contains, as well as any potentially toxic solvents and compounds. The lab results for Tribe CBD gummies are available on our website. 

Try Tribe CBD Gummies!

Each one of our CBD gummies contains 30mg of our Full Spectrum CBD oil. That dosage allows you to easily control how much or how little you consume. By using all-natural ingredients, we can guarantee that you won’t break whatever diet you adhere to by consuming our gummies. We use the cleanest possible ingredients and just a small pinch of cane sugar.

Not only are Tribe CBD gummies delicious, but they are effective in providing pain relief and relaxation. They can also help you maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Visit our website and try Tribe CBD gummies today!