Most people interested in supplements like CBD oil are open to alternative health and wellness trends. However, even if you don’t usually visit natural health shops, chances are you’ve run across the “celery juice” sensation. At the very least, you may have noticed it’s more difficult to grab organic celery stalks in your local grocery!  

Since celery juice has become so trendy, many in the CBD community have wondered whether it’s a legit way to enjoy extra anti-inflammatory properties. Some people even promote adding a little CBD oil to freshly-pressed celery juice.   

So, are the rumors surrounding celery juice true? Will a glass of this green beverage take your wellness to the next level? 

Why Do People Try Celery Juice?

Juicing veggies has always been trendy with people in the health & wellness community. However, celery juice went viral thanks to one man: Anthony William. Better known as the “Medical Medium,” William helped promote the idea that celery juice is the magical elixir that can pretty much cure everything.

Thanks to William’s star power, he single-handedly got millions of people to run out and buy tons of organic celery. If you follow William’s formula, then you must drink 16 ounces of celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach. While William says it’s “OK” to add a cucumber or apple to this drink, he prefers people to chug it without any add-ons. 

According to William, celery juice has potent salt compounds not found in other veggies. Allegedly, these chemicals are responsible for healing various ailments, reducing inflammation, and helping people feel at their peak health.   

Does Juicing Celery Stalks Really Help?

Drinking celery juice probably won’t hurt your health unless you have a blood-clotting disorder. In fact, for most Americans, a glass of celery juice could be beneficial. However, there’s no evidence that fresh-pressed celery juice has any wild benefits that many celebrities and influencers have been touting. 

The most obvious benefit of drinking celery juice is that it will rehydrate your body. Some statistics suggest about 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated, and celery juice provides excellent hydration with minimal sugar. Speaking of hydrating beverages, you could read Tribe’s recent recipe for CBD cucumber juice

It’s also true that celery has many antioxidants and vitamins. Indeed, one reason people with blood clots shouldn’t take celery juice is that this drink has a lot of vitamin K. This vitamin can mess up blood-clot medications, so please speak with a doctor if you have pre-existing conditions.

Remember that people could enjoy all of these beneficial compounds by eating celery. Indeed, eating celery may provide more benefits than juicing it. Why? Well, whenever you juice a fruit or veggie, you’ll remove all of the fiber. Most Americans need more fiber in their diet to improve digestion and increase the probiotics in the gut. 

Bottom line: Celery juice isn’t “bad” for you, but it probably won’t produce unbelievable effects on its own. We don’t have enough scientific evidence to substantiate the wild claims made about this beverage. 

Can You Add CBD Oil To Celery Juice? 

While many “celery juice purists” may pooh-pooh adding CBD to your drink, why not give it a shot? On Tribe CBD’s blog, we’ve already shared dozens of “unconventional” CBD cocktails and mocktails that include a dropperful of our CBD oil. So, we see no issue putting a little CBD into a glass of cold celery juice. 

Just remember that CBD oil is fat-soluble, so it may not bind super well with watery celery juice. Be sure to stir your CBD oil well with a spoon before trying this beverage.  

See If CBD Celery Juice Works For You! 

We don’t mean to downplay the benefits of celery juice. If you’re already a fan of this hot health trend, please keep doing what you’re doing. Celery juice has many valid benefits, including antioxidants, vitamins, and extra hydration. Plus, adding a pinch of Tribe CBD oil may give your drink additional calming & anti-inflammatory effects. 

Please be realistic whenever trying new health trends like celery juice or CBD oil. Although Tribe CBD is passionate about the benefits of high-quality hemp extract, CBD will have the greatest impact when it’s incorporated into a holistic wellness routine.