Pelvic pain syndrome is a growing health concern. Some reports suggest anywhere from 14 to 32 percent of women have this chronic pain condition. As mentioned in a previous blog, many men struggle with pelvic-related issues like prostatitis

Unfortunately, many pelvic pain patients are so embarrassed by their symptoms that they don’t seek the proper medical care. Also, doctors disagree over how to best manage the many manifestations of this pain syndrome. 

There are, however, a few anecdotal testimonies that suggest CBD oil may play a role in the future of pelvic pain management. While this is no excuse for neglecting to visit a doctor, CBD oil may be a powerful tool for patients to consider in a pelvic pain treatment regimen. 

How Could CBD Oil Help With Pelvic Pain? 

Urologists still have many questions about chronic pelvic conditions like prostatitis and interstitial cystitis. However, new studies reveal that there are cannabinoid receptors in the bladder. This finding has led some hemp enthusiasts to suggest cannabinoids like CBD may directly interact with the bladder to promote healing and symptom reduction.

Interestingly, a few studies suggest CBD could affect bladder health. For instance, a trial out of Naples examined a THC/CBD mix on a group of patients with multiple sclerosis. According to this small study, patients who took these cannabinoids had fewer bladder spasms than at the start of the trial. 

It’s difficult to say how much CBD contributed to these positive findings, but other trials suggest this cannabinoid has fantastic potential. There’s little doubt CBD has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-anxiety effects on patients. Scientists have also shown that stress plays a role in increasing pelvic inflammation, which causes more pain.

Interestingly, a recent study out of Brown University evaluated female patients with pelvic pain after 8-weeks of regular meditation courses. Researchers found that stress reduction from mindfulness meditation had a positive impact on most patients’ pain threshold. Researchers from the University of Washington also found that most men with non-bacterial prostatitis experience significant psychological stress. 

Hemp advocates are hopeful CBD’s anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties could relieve pelvic pain issues. While there aren’t many trials examining this correlation, many anecdotal testimonies suggest CBD can have a positive impact.  

Is CBG Oil A Better Option For Pelvic Pain? 

Although CBD may work well on its own, it’s worth mentioning that CBG may have unique benefits for pelvic pain conditions. Another Italian study looked closely at CBG’s effectiveness in reducing bladder pain. Although this was a preliminary trial, it strongly suggests CBG helps reduce spastic bladder symptoms. 

Overall, the research into CBG isn’t as robust as CBD. However, customers should remember that secondary cannabinoids like CBG can have potential therapeutic properties. It’s worth keeping tabs on the latest hemp research to better understand how all of the chemicals in hemp interact with the human body. 

Please Explain Your Pelvic Pain To A Doctor! 

Although Tribe CBD is hopeful CBD and CBG can improve pelvic pain symptoms, we always encourage patients to speak with a doctor before ordering any of our products. Only a medical professional will know how to diagnose your pelvic pain syndrome. There are dozens of potential reasons you could be experiencing pelvic pain, so you must figure out your specific issue before introducing supplements like CBD oil.